2. Grants for Conferences

Grants for Conferences

Computation and Econometrics Workshop



The greater availability of massively parallel computing in recent years, through for example graphical processing units (GPU), computer clusters or cloud computing, has made possible the analysis of more complex statistical models and larger datasets. These new technologies, together with the development of new algorithms for computation, have stimulated great progress in many areas of research including economics.  These new developments provide a great opportunity to improve policy making, by making use of more realistic econometric models and larger datasets. However, many algorithms, models and computational strategies are developed by researchers in different areas, and therefore there is great potential benefit in the exchange of information and in research collaborations.


The objective of the project is to bring together researchers in the fields of statistical computation and econometrics and promote the exchange of information between these areas. The workshop aims to be a forum that fosters communication and discussions of the relative merits of new computational strategies, with a particular focus on their application to econometrics and economic policy making.