GRIPS-related news of each faculty member

■Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor MATSUTANI, Akihiko

Specialty: Applied Economics


*Information correct as of the time of publication of listed media.

Date Contents Media
2018.6.1 Comment: GRIPS Professor Akihiko Matsutani on governmental countermeasures against the falling birthrate. Chosun Online
2017.10.21 Comment: GRIPS Professor Emeritus Akihiko Matsutani  on the population decline issue as discussed in the House of Representatives election. Sankei News
2017.9.29 Comment: GRIPS Professor Emeritus Akihiko Matsutani on admission capacity control of private universities. The Mainichi Shimbun (national newspaper)
2017.9.5 Comment: GRIPS Professor Emeritus Akihiko Matsutani on the challenge that Japan’s aging society poses for the medical system. Shukan Gendai

Interview: GRIPS Professor Akihiko Matsutani on the transformation of the logistics service business model.

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Yusokeizai Shimbun

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