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2024.02.09 Announcements

Professor Miyuki Katai appointed president of the Japanese Association for Gender-Specific Medicine





On January 2024, GRIPS Professor Miyuki Katai was appointed the 4th president of the Japanese Association for Gender-Specific Medicine (JAGSM).


JAGSM is an academic association that brings together medical professionals, researchers, government officials and various other experts interested in gender medicine care to share their knowledge and research results and study each other's work. JAGSM is a member of the International Society for Gender Medicine.


Professor Katai specializes in gender medicine, women's medicine (women and thyroid, menopausal care), gendered innovations (FemTech). She has served as the R&D representative of "AI Diagnosis Assistance Navigation System WaiSE" in Project for Whole Implementation to Support and Ensure the Female Life, a project of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).


Japanese Association for Gender-Specific Medicine website


International Society for Gender Medicine website


Professor Miyuki Katai’s profile and contributions to the SDGs


Gendered innovation WaiSE based on gender medicine


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