Public Finance Program (Tax Course, Customs Course)





  • プログラムディレクター: Wie, Dainn 准教授
  • プログラム副ディレクター: 黒澤昌子教授
  • 学位:修士(公共経済学) / Master of Public Finance
  • 奨学金:
    • 世界銀行(World Bank)
    • 世界税関機構(World Customs Organization)
  • 授業で使う言語:英語
  • 修了までの標準的な年数:13ヶ月(Customs course) / 12ヶ月(Tax course)
  • 入学時期:9月(Customs course) / 10月(Tax course) 
  • 修了の時期:9月
  • 願書受付時期(昨年度実績):8月~翌年5月
  • 合格発表時期(昨年度実績):6月~7月




本プログラムは、世界銀行(WB)及び世界税関機構(WCO)の全面的な支援によって運営されており、ハーバード大学をはじめとする16大学で実施されているJoint Japan / World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program(JJ/WBGSP)によるTaxコースとJapan-WCO Human Resource Development Scholarship ProgrammeによるCustomsコースからなっています。開発途上国の租税政策及び関税政策への知的支援の観点から、将来それらの分野で責任を負うこととなる若手行政官を主たる対象として、経済学をはじめ、法学、政治学ならびに行政学等に関する専門的教育を行うとともに、Taxコースでは国税庁税務大学校、Customsコースでは財務省税関研修所および関税局との連携による実践的教育(Practicum)を実施し、我が国の政策経験を踏まえた高度な専門的行政能力の育成を目指しています。








Public Finance Program カリキュラム




Category Course Name Instructor
I Required Courses International Taxation of Japan Uehara
Practicum at the National Tax Agency Various
Customs Law Nagase
Practicum in Customs Administration I Nagase
Practicum in Customs Administration II Matsumoto Takashi
Practicum in Customs Administration III

Kobe, Nojima, Tanabe, Ujike

Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement at Border Sato
Microeconomics I Wie
Public Finance I Ihori
Thesis Seminar


Introduction to Public Policy Studies


The World and the SDGs

Tanaka Akihiko

II Highly Recommended Elective Courses Macroeconomics I Hsu
Microeconomics II Wie
Government and Market Hatanaka
Introduction to Applied Econometrics Wie
Public Finance II Ihori
Fiscal Reform in Japan Ota
Public Finance and Fiscal Policy Matsuda
Economics of Tax Policy Yamazaki
Reform of Economic Policy in Japan Ota
International Trade Hsu
Development Economics Aida
Human Resources Management Ichikawa
III Elective Courses Monetary Economics (Money and Banking) Fujimoto
Macroeconomics II Matsumoto Hidehiko
Finance and Economic Growth Matsumoto Hidehiko
Applied Time Series Analysis for Macroeconomics Leon‐Gonzalez
Applied Econometrics Litschig
Applied Econometrics Practice Litschig
Poverty Alleviation TBA
Strategy for Economic Development TBA
Trade and Industrial Development Sonobe
Mathematics for Economic Analysis Munro
Labor Economics TBA
Economics of Law Hatanaka
International Finance Xing
Environmental Economics Munro
Resource and Energy Economics Tanaka Makoto
Japanese Economy Nakagaki
Time Series Analysis Leon-Gonzalez
Economic Development of Japan Ohno Kenichi
Labor and Health Economics TBA
For qualified students only Advanced Econometrics I Litschig
Advanced Econometrics II Hayashi
  International Relations Yamamoto
International Political Economy Chey
Structure and Process of Government Horie
Politics of Global Money and Finance Chey
Accounting and Financial Management I TBA
Global Governance: Leadership and Negotiation TBA
Public Expenditure Management Tanaka Hideaki
Introduction to Data Science Morohoshi
Data Science in Practice



Local Government Finance Takada
Selected Topics in Policy Studies I – IV  
Courses not listed in this table  
X Others Language courses offered by the Center for Professional Communication  





  • Joint Commissioner, Department of Revenue & Customs, Ministry of Finance (ブータン, 1999)
  • Assistant Director (Policy and Research), Monitoring, Research and Planning Department, National Revenue Authority (NRA) (シエラレオネ, 2006)
  • Deputy Director, Zhejiang Provincial Office, State Administration of Taxation (中国,2016)
  • Commissioner Inland Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue (パキスタン, 2018)
  • Deputy Commissioner, Kenya Revenue Authority (ケニア, 2018)
  • Joint Commissioner of Income Tax (OSD), Circle 1(3)(1), International Taxation, Income Tax Department ,Ministry of Finance (インド,2019)

Customs コース

  • Director of Customs Control, Thai Customs Department (タイ, 2008)
  • Deputy Commissioner of GST, Central Board of Excise and Customs, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance (インド ,2009)
  • Deputy Director of Risk Management Division, Mongolian Customs General Administration (モンゴル, 2015)
  • Assistant Director, General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia (カンボジア, 2017)
  • Director Revenue Management, Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority (フィジー, 2018)
  • Commissioner Inrand Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue(パキスタン,2018)



在学生派遣元等 (2020-2021)

Tax Course
シエラレオネ National Revenue Authority
ジンバブエ Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
ソマリア Head of Domestic Revenue Mobilization

Federal Board of Revenue

パキスタン    Federal Board of Revenue
Customs Course
アゼルバイジャン The State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
ケニア Kenya Revenue Authority
シエラレオネ National Revenue Authority
スリランカ Sri Lanka Customs
ナミビア Customs and Excise, Ministry Of Finance
バングラデシュ National Board of Revenue
ボツワナ Botswana Unified Revenue Service
マラウィ Malawi Revenue Authority
モーリシャス Mauritius Revenue Authority
モルディブ Maldives Customs Service


  • “Tax Amnesty as a Tax Reforms Policy Tool: The case of Pakistan”
  • “Taxing Digital Advertising: A Proposal to Indonesia”
  • “Implementation of the IMF Code of Good Practices Principles on Tax Dispute Resolution System  in Indonesia”
  • “Introducing Capital Gain Tax on Property in Cambodia”
  • “The Impact of Tariff Reductions on Imports: Implementation of the ECOWAS Common External Tariff in Ghana”
  • “The Impact of Trade Costs on Trade Value and the Effectiveness of Aid for Trade”
  • “Implementation of the European Union – East Africa Community Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in the East Africa Community. An assessment of whether the EPA complies with the WTO disciplines”
  • “The Impact of Coordinated Border Management on Regional Trade: A Case of Kenya One Stop Border Posts and the EAC Partner States”
  • “Tariff rates and Tax evasion in India”
  • “The Way Forward of AEO Program in Brazil “
  • “The Impact of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program on Trade Facilitation in Botswana”
  • “Challenges and the Way Forward for Implementation of Risk Management System: The Case of Bangladesh”
  • “Coping with Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. A Search for Policy Solutions “
  • “Misreporting of Precious Metals and Tax Evasion: An Empirical Study of Tax Evasion in Pakistan “



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