役 職 客員准教授
学 位 Ph.D.(経済学)、New York University
専門分野 マクロ経済学
現在の研究対象 マクロ経済、労働・金融経済学
  • 略歴

2004年 Ph.D.(経済学)、New York University

2004年~2009年 東京大学講師

2009年 本学助教授

2012年 本学准教授(現在に至る)


  • 主要な著作・論文等


"Life-Cycle Search, Match Quality and Japan’s Labor Market," joint with J. Fujimoto, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, September 2012.

"Job creation and job destruction in the presence of informal markets," joint with M. Bosch, Journal of Development Economics, July 2012.

"Are Contingent Jobs Dead Ends or Stepping Stones to Regular Jobs? Evidence from a Structural Estimation," joint with R. Nakajima and R. Tanaka, Labour Economics, August 2011.

"The Role of the Government in Facilitating TFP Growth during Japan's Rapid Growth Era," joint with S. Aoki, T. Okazaki and Y Sawada. Community, Market and State in Development, K. Kalirajan and K. Otsuka editors, Palgrave MacMillan, 2011.

"Monetary Shocks in a Model with Skills Loss," joint with E. Faraglia, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, October 2010.

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"The Cost of Introducing Unemployment Insurance in Mexico," joint with M. Bosch.

"Unemployment Insurance in a Dual Economy," joint with S. Kitao


"Japan’s Labor Market Cyclicality and the Volatility Puzzle," joint with R. Nakajima and R. Tanaka, RIETI working paper No. 11-E-040, April 2011.

"Changes in Japan’s Labor Market Flows due to the Lost Decade," joint with R. Nakajima and R. Tanaka, RIETI working paper No. 11-E-039, April 2011.

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- "The Effects of the Loss of Skill on Unemployment Fluctuations," CIRJE working paper No. F-371, September 2005.

- "Loss of Skill and Retraining in a Matching Model," CIRJE working paper No. F-353, July 2005.


  • その他

日本学術振興会科学研究費補助金, 2012-2016.

日本学術振興会科学研究費補助金, 2009-2012.

日本証券奨学財団研究調査助成, 2008.

日本学術振興会科学研究費補助金, 2006-2008.

学術振興野村基金, 2005.

C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics Fellowship, New York University, Fall 2002.

Fundacion Ramon Areces Fellowship for Doctoral Studies, 1999-2001.

Spanish Ministry of Education Fellowship for Research in Economics, Spain, 1997-1999.

Summa Cum Laude, University of Valencia, Spain, June 1998


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