CHEY, Hyoung-kyu

役 職 教授
学 位 Ph.D. (International Relations), London School of Economics and Political Science
専門分野 International political economy, especially the fields of money and finance, with a regional specialization in East Asia
現在の研究対象 ・The internationalization of the Chinese renminbi
・Central bank digital currencies
・The international relations of Asia
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Professor, GRIPS

Director, Security and International Studies Program, GRIPS

Associate Professor, GRIPS

Deputy Director, One-year and Two-year Master’s Programs of Public Policy (MP1 and MP2), GRIPS

Assistant Professor, GRIPS

2017.4.-2018.3 Visiting Scholar, East Asian Studies Center, University of Southern California




Visiting Scholar, Economic Research Institute, the Bank of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
2012.8-2012.9 Visiting Scholar, Institute of Social Sciences, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea
2011.7-2011.9 Visiting Scholar, Center for International Cooperation and Strategy, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea
2007.2-2011.3 Economist, Economic Research Institute, the Bank of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
2006.9-2007.2 Researcher, Institute of Social Science, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea
2006.9-2007.2 Adjunct Lecturer, Graduate School of International Studies, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea
2006.9-2007.2 Visiting Research Fellow, Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University, Seoul, South Korea
2004.4-2005.12 Visiting Scholar, Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan
2003.5-2004.3 Japan Foundation Fellow, Tokyo, Japan
2003.4-2004.4 Visiting Research Scholar, Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2000.11-2001.8 Researcher, Korea Institute of Finance, Seoul, South Korea



  • 主な著作・論文等


The International Political Economy of the Renminbi: Currency Internationalization and Reactive Currency Statecraft (Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2022)

International Harmonization of Financial Regulation? The Politics of Global Diffusion of the Basel Capital Accord (Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2014)


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Cryptocurrencies and the IPE of Money: An Agenda for Research, Review of International Political Economy, August 2022 (online first), DOI: 10.1080/09692290.2022.2109188. 

The Impacts of Policy Infrastructures on the International Use of the Chinese Renminbi: A Cross-Country Analysis, Asian Survey 60(2): 221-244, March/April 2020. (With Minchung Hsu)

Chinese Domestic Politics and the Internationalization of the Renminbi, Political Science Quarterly 135(1): 37-65, Spring 2020. (With Yu Wai Vic Li)

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The International Politics of Reactive Currency Statecraft: Japan’s Reaction to the Rise of the Chinese Renminbi, New Political Economy 24(4): 510-529, May 2019.

International Political Economy Thought in Pre-modern and Colonial Korea, International Trade, Politics and Development 3(1): 11-29, February 2019.

Civilisational Values and Political Economy Beyond the West: The Significance of Korean Debates at the Time of Its Economic Opening, Contemporary Politics 24(2): 191-209, March 2018. (With Eric Helleiner)

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Some Salient Issues Raised by the Global Financial Crisis, Pacific Economic Review 15(1): 1-10, February 2010. (With Kyung Soo Kim)
A Political Economic Critique on the Theory of Optimum Currency Areas, and the Implications for East Asia, The World Economy 32(12): 1685-1705, December 2009.
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Do Markets Enhance Convergence on International Standards? The Case of Financial Regulation, Regulation & Governance 1(4): 295-311, December 2007.
Explaining Cosmetic Compliance with International Regulatory Regimes: The Implementation of the Basle Accord in Japan, 1998-2003, New Political Economy 11(2): 271-289, June 2006.


Book chapters

• Exit for Voice: Redrawing the Global Financial Map, in Jürgen Rüland and Astrid Carrapatoso, eds., Edward Elgar Handbook on Regionalism and Global Governance (Edward Elgar, forthcoming). (With Saori N. Katada)

International Financial Standards and Emerging Economies since the Global Financial Crisis, in C. Randall Henning and Andrew Walter, eds., Global Financial Governance Confronts the Rising Powers (Waterloo: Center for International Governance Innovation, 2016), pp. 61-85.

The Political Economy of Currency Internationalization, in Thomas Oatley and William K. Winecoff, eds., Handbook of the International Political Economy of Monetary Relations (London: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014), pp. 39-53.


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