Off-campus Access / On-campus Access with Your Own PC

EZproxy Service

You can use most of GRIPS’ subscribed online-resources (e-journals, e-books, and online databases) from outside GRIPS, or on campus with your own PC, connecting via GRIPS campus Wi-Fi. This will require user authentication by EZproxy.
1. Log in with your GRIPS ID and password on the EZproxy Login page.
2. You will jump to the EZproxy service menu page. You can use the online-resources listed there as follows:

  • GRIPS Discovery Service enables you to search GRIPS’ subscribed online-resources and online open access academic resources all at one time, to find various academic resources such as journal articles. Some of the search results provide links to full-text versions.
  • You can search GRIPS’ subscribed e-journals and e-books by title via E-journal/ E-book search.
  • You can also select items from the list of online resources available off campus.

3. Please be sure to log out when you have finished.


For details, see Off-Campus Access (PDF)

EZproxy Login



  • After you have logged into EZproxy service, you should see “” as part of the address field of your Web browser. If the URL doesn’t include “,” it means that you have exited EZproxy, so please log in again.
  • If you have trouble accessing GRIPS’ subscribed online-resources from outside GRIPS via EZproxy service, please try former off-campus access service SSL-VPN. You also need to log in with your GRIPS ID and password.