Borrowing / Returning / Reserving


Loan Period

Number of checkouts allowed Loan period
30 1 month

How to borrow

When borrowing library materials, take them to the counter with your ID card.
The due date will be stamped on the date label inside the front or the back of the book.

A self-checkout machine is also available. The machine will provide a receipt of books borrowed.

Materials Not to Be Borrowed

The following materials are not for circulation. Use them in the Library only.

Materials in the Textbooks Section / Journals / Newspapers /
Reference books / Valuable books / CD/DVD-ROMs / Microforms /
Damaged or broken materials/
Other materials specified by the library director


Return books to the counter. ID card is not necessary.
When library is closed, put the materials into the book drop located outside the library entrance.
Be sure to return books by the due dates.

* Floor Plan (PDF)

In case the borrowed books are overdue, you cannot borrow a new book until the overdue books are returned.


Books can be renewed using MyLibrary without bringing them back to the Library.
You can renew books up to 2 times unless they have not been reserved by another borrower.
Renewals are not available if you hold overdue books. Return the overdue books first and then renew.

How to use MyLibrary (PDF)

* For library users who cannot use “MyLibrary”, please contact us by email.


If the book you need is already on loan, you can reserve it through MyLibrary.

1.Find the book on OPAC.
2.Click Reserve and log into your MyLibrary
3.Click OK to confirm.

When the book becomes available you will receive an e-mail notification.
The book will be kept for 7 days. If you do not pick up within 7 days,
the book will be returned to the shelf or be held for next user who have reserved it.

How to use MyLibrary (PDF)