Library Materials

Most of the Library’s materials are in the open-stacks. Users are expected to freely find, use and photocopy the materials.
For borrowing procedure, see Borrowing / Returning / Reserving.

See Floor Plan (PDF) to view the sections where materials can be found.

How materials are arranged on the shelf is here.


Material Type Catalog Description Location
General books OPAC Books are arranged in electric stacks.
How to move electric stacks
General Books
Reference books OPAC Reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, maps, white papers and statistical materials. Reference Room
Textbooks OPAC
Textbook List (2022Summer)
Books assigned by professors for course studies.
Some textbooks have a few extra copies at the general books section.
Reading Room
New arrivals OPAC Books which have been newly registered to the library. Reading Room
GRIPS faculty publications OPAC Selected publications written by the GRIPS faculty members from 2005. Reading Room
Featured books OPAC Books on Japan or Japanese language is currently featured. Reading Room
Teki-sui Collection OPAC Books formerly owned by the late Ms. Soshun Hamamoto, related to the Tea Ceremony. Reading Room
GRIPS Discussion Paper GRIPS Institutional Repository GRIPS researcher’s outputs published by GRIPS Policy Research Center.
Papers in print published in the past are at “Faculty publications”
Reading Room
Doctoral Dissertations GRIPS Institutional Repository
Doctoral Dissertations List
Dissertation of doctoral degree conferred at GRIPS.
Full text versions of some disserations are available in the GRIPS institutional repository. For disserations with no full text links in the repository, hard copies of them are available in the library.
Reading Room
Master’s theses/Policy papers Master’s theses/Policy papers List The library holds GRIPS master’s theses/policy papers, but not all of them. They are arranged by programs. Reading Room
Journals OPAC Arranged in journal title’s alphabetical order. Apply at the counter for backnumbers of weekly journals which are kept at Stack B. Reading Room
Stack B (closed stacks)
Newspapers Newspapers subscription list The latest newspapers are placed in the Newspaper Racks, and will be kept for two months on the shelves beside the newspaper racks. Reading Room
Stack B (closed stacks)
CD/DVD/Videos OPAC Apply at the counter to use CD/DVD-ROMs
Some materials are not registered on OPAC yet.
Library Counter
Microform materials OPAC Apply at the counter to use microforms. Microform Room