Reference service / Visiting other library


If you have problems on searching materials or have any questions about the Library’s service, feel free to consult the Library staff.
In cases when the material you need is not available at the Library, we will help you borrow from other university libraries through Inter-library loan (ILL) service.
We will also help you about using libraries of other institutions.

Visiting Other University Libraries

You can visit other university libraries to browse materials not available at the GRIPS Library.
Prior visiting notice and a letter of introduction from the GRIPS Library may be required.
The visitor use policy depends on each library’s regulations.
Ask the GRIPS Library staff when you wish to visit other libraries.

How to search the holding information of other libraries

After getting the bibliographical information of the materials you need, find out where they are available or which library holds them with CiNii Books.

Borrowing at other libraries

GRIPS members are able to visit the following libraries and borrow books there.

JICA Library

United Nations University Library

  • The Library of the United Nations University collects and provides materials on subjects related to such UNU themes as peace, security and human rights; the UN system; as well as sustainability science. Online research resources such as OECDiLibrary, World Bank eLibrary, IMF eLibrary are also available.
  • How to borrow: You will need a lending card. Come to the GRIPS Library counter before visiting the United Nations University Library Library.

Disaster Management Library

  • Disaster Management Library is a special library which collects books, documents, and other materials on disasters in the world and the methods of prevention, rescue, relief and disaster reconstruction.
  • How to borrow: You must present your GRIPS ID card at the counter of the Disaster Management Library and fill out a form.