“National Diet Library Digital Collections” service for partner libraries

The GRIPS Library is a partner library of the National Diet Library (NDL) Digital Collections. Through GRIPS’ membership, GRIPS faculty and students can browse and obtain prints of parts of digitized materials usually available only at the NDL.

Eligibility for Access

GRIPS faculty and students


Available Materials

  • Among the NDL Digital Collections, digitized materials marked with “Available only at the NDL and partner libraries” are available at the GRIPS Library. The materials consist of more than 1.48 million out-of-print items such as books, rare books and old materials, journals, doctoral dissertations, and scripts.
  • For a detailed description, please refer to “About the National Diet Library Digital Collections”.


Service Hours

Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 17:00



You can browse digitized materials on the dedicated library PC after you have been logged in by the staff. If you want to obtain prints of any of the materials, please apply at the library service counter.

How to apply

Please apply at the library service counter. You must present your ID card at that time.

Time limit

Maximum 60 minutes at one time (This can be extended if there is no one on the waiting list.)


It is forbidden to:

  • take the dedicated PC out of the library;
  • connect external storage devices such as USB flash memory to the PC;
  • take photographs of the material, using devices such as cameras and smart phones; or
  • take screenshots or try to download electronic files of the materials.


Printing of materials

  • You may print parts of these materials, within the limit of Copyright Law.
  • The materials can only be printed by the library staff. Please come to the library service counter and fill out a printing request form. It is also possible to apply via MyLibrary.
  • If you have the specific information required for a printing request, you can apply for printing without browsing the system.

Printing fees

GRIPS Library pays the fees for the printing of materials requested for research purposes.

Information required for printing requests

  • Article data, including such information as title, author, volume number, frame number
  • NDL call number
  • NDL bibliographic ID