Photocopy / Taking photos of library materials / Printing


The following methods are available for copying in the library.

・Self-service photocopy
・Photocopy service by Library staff

* Copying is allowed only for materials owned at the GRIPS Library.
* Library users may copy a portion of Library materials within the limit of Copyright Law, for the purpose of private study or research.

Self-service photocopy

  • Upon copying, fill out the “Self copy request form” and drop it in the box beside the copy machine.

Copying fee

GRIPS ID Transportation Money Card
black & white 5 points 5 yen
color 25 points 25 yen
  • Transportation Money Cards available: Suica, PASMO, Kitaca, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, HAYAKAKEN
    * PiTaPa is not available.
    * Recharging money card is not available on the campus.
  • Issuing a receipt is not available as for self-service photocopy.

Photocopy service by Library staff

  • For copying some materials in Special Collections, please contact the Library counter.
  • Service Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 17:00 (Issuing a receipt is not available 12:00-13:00)

Copying fee

black & white / color 35 yen
  • Please pay the exact amount, because there is not ready for change.

Taking photos of library materials

Within the limit of copyright law, you can take photos of materials which are not suitable for electronic copying, but only for the purpose of private study or research. Please apply at the library service counter.

  • Service hours Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 17:00
  • Please take photos in the designated area of the library office.
  • Materials of which photos may be taken
    * Materials that are not digitized in the Yabe Teiji Collection
    * Personal organizers in the Okita Saburo Collection
    * Damaged materials
    * Other materials not suitable for electronic copying


Printing is available only from PCs in the Library (not from your own mobile PC).
Print-outs come out from the copy machine at the Journals section with same charges as copying.

1. Press “Print” and send a job to the printer (copy machine).
2. Enter the Billing ID (any letters) and Passcode (numbers only) in the dialogue.
3. Insert GRIPS ID or SUICA/PASMO to activate the copy machine.
4. Press [Charge Print] button on the copy machine.
5. Select the ID you set for “Billing ID” and press the [Job List] button.
Enter your Password and press the [Confirm] button.
6. Select the document you want to print, and press [Print] button.
Press [Print and Delete] button and the printing starts.