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The 14th VDF-Tokyo Workshop on 4Dec2004
(8Dec2004) We invited Mr Nguyen Van Ba from Shiga University, who made a presentation on one chapter of his dissertation "The Trade Policy Reforms and Economic Development of Vietnam". 


Workshop on Street Children in Vietnam
(19Nov2004) Two workshops were held by Ms Duong Kim Hong (VDF-Hanoi) on the theme of "Street Children in Vietnam", at Tokyo University on 17Nov and at GRIPS on 19Nov. Another researcher from VDF-Hanoi, Mr Giang Thanh Long, introduced VDF activities, and this was followed by Hong's presentation. Many participants joined these workshops and had healthy exchange of opinions. A summary is now available. Photo | Summary

VJSE-2004 in Osaka
(17Nov2004) The 1st Vietnamese-Japanese Students' Scientific Exchange Meeting was held at Sigma Hall, Osaka University on 13-14Nov, in where VDF-Tokyo sponsored "Economic and Development Session". One of the core members of VDF-Tokyo, Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh (GRIPS PhD student) wrote a brief report on the Osaka event. MORE

JVEC turns into VDF-Tokyo! 
(24Sep2004)  JVEC was established in May 2003 in Tokyo. After more than one year of monthly workshops and networking with Hanoi, we are happy to upgrade JVEC (informal gathering) into VDF Tokyo (research project). We hope to integrate research in Japan and Vietnam even more, and strengthen our financial standing. Activities will be expanded and the web has been renewed (this site). VDF Tokyo will be managed directly by GRIPS, while VDF Hanoi will continue to be a joint project between NEU and GRIPS. Though the budgets remain separate, the two VDFs will do research together.   VDF-Tokyo policy

The 13th Workshop
(30Oct2004) Ms Le Thanh Forsberg (PhD student of Lund University and a research associate at the European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics) discussed Internal governing institutions and ownership of policy in Vietnam, focusing on poverty reduction and strategic aid integration. It brought together about 16 participants. The Q&A session and free discussion followed in a friendly atmosphere as usual. Summary


Workshop on Street Children in Vietnam
(18Oct2004) GRIPS will invite a young researcher from VDF, who is going to analyze the problem of street children with a special attention on the dynamic implications of industrialization and global integration of Vietnam. MORE in English / Japanese
Date: 19 November 2004 (Fri) 16:00-18:00
Place: GRIPS, Conference Room B (3rd floor) MAP
Theme: gStreet Children in Vietnam: Interactions of Old and New Causes under Economic Growthh  Abstract / Paper
(PDF103KB) / Slides (PDF107KB)
Presenter: Ms Duong Kim Hong (VDF Researcher)
*This workshop is open to anyone. If you intend to participate please write to VDF-Tokyo by 16/Nov.

VDF will go to Osaka 
(24Sep2004) In mid Nov. a conference on Vietnam (Vietnamese-Japanese Students' Scientific Exchange Meeting) will be held at Osaka Univ. VDF Tokyo & Hanoi will send several researchers to co-host this event. VDF will organize the Economic session on motorbike industry and street children. There will also be VDF workshops in Tokyo.

The 12th Workshop
(24Jul2004) Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh (Sasakawa Peace Foundation) discussed Vietnam's financial sector issues and institutional development. She also reported on her recent trip to East Timur. MORE

Vietnamese version available
(28Oct2003) A Vietnamese version of "Vietnam's Industrialization Strategy in the Age of Globalization" has been published by the NEU-JICA team.
A limited number of free copies are now available for interested researchers.  MORE

*Free hard copy is out of stock but we have a soft copy.
Please write to us if you wish to have it.


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