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Prof. Ohno talks on SI at CEO Forum, VITV
(22Nov2010) Kenichi Ohno (Professor, GRIPS / Research Director, VDF) and Mr. Hiroyuki Moribe (Chief Representative, JETRO Hanoi) had a discussion on Vietnamfs supporting industries (SI) at CEO Forum (Vietnam Investment Television, VITV). The talk show was broadcasted at 13:00 on Saturday, 13 November 2010 (and re-broadcasted on 18 November 2010 too). Both speakers shared the same viewpoints that (i) development of supporting industries takes a long time, Vietnam is only at the early stage, thus should be patient and persistent; (ii) systematic international comparison of SI promotion policies is needed, not blind copy or random imitation; (iii) supporting industries are a good entry point for the nationfs industrialization and modernization; and (iv) what needs to be done is more or less known, the rest is implementation that needs more attentions from policy makers.
The show is available online via www.vtv.com.vn (VTC8).

New Publication: Meiji Restoration 1858-1881
(10Feb2010) wېV1858-1881x(in Japanese only)
Kenichi Ohno with Prof. Junji Banno
(a historian, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo)
Publisher: Kodansha-Gendai-Shinsho (January 2010)
ISBN-10: 4062880318 / ISBN-13: 978-4062880312

Part 1 in English: Full version (Link)
                       Short version
(PDF 265KB)

An economist and a historian analyse the Japanese political process in the "transformation period" which spanned from the late Edo period to the early Meiji period - how the Meiji Revolution was achieved? what is the "flexible structure" of politics, which permitted the competition of multiple goals?, from the viewpoint of the two scholars in collaboration.


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