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This year's last VDF-Tokyo Workshop
We organized the 47th Monthly Workshop on 22nd Nov. Mr. Jyunichi Goto, professor of the Research Institute for Economics, Kobe University, kindly made a presentation on "Migrant Workers and Aging Population in Japan''.
Please visit workshop to read the summary!

The 46th Workshop on 6th October 2008
(6Oct2008) The Workshop was successfully held with the presentation of Mr. Pham Xuan Kien from FASID/GRIPS on the topic: g The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Labor Productivity in the Host Countries: The case of Vietnam"

The Summary of the 4th VDF-Tokyo Conference
(18Sep2008) The summary is ready now. Please click here to read!  

Kenichi Ohno Archives is launched
(18Sep2008) Prof. K.Ohno's archive has been reformed. Please visit here to learn his activities!

Conference on Social Security in Vietnam
(10Sep2008) On 9 Sep., 2008 at the National Economics University in Hanoi, VDF and CDEPP held an international conference on social security in Vietnam, namely "Social Security in Vietnam: Preparation for the Next Phase of Development". The main purpose of the conference was to disseminate research information, findings, and challenges of the Vietnamese social security system in the new phase of development, as well as expand research network among social researchers and policy makers and advisers in different international and domestic institutions in Vietnam. More than 70 participants actively discussed with five presenters of the conference, who shared their analyses on various social security issues in Vietnam. This conference will be annual research activity between VDF and CDEPP.
For more information about the conference's contents, please visit our official website at http://www.vdf.org.vn/1stSSConference/index.html

The 4th VDF-Tokyo Conference is successful
(11Aug2008) On 9 August 2008, we successfully held the Fourth VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam at GRIPS. We welcome participants from different institutions in Japan and other countries. Two keynote speakers and four paper presenters shared their research findings with various policy implications for Vietnam in current development process and future challenges. The Conference also provided good chances for participants to create and widen their research networking. Official Website

Workshop on Trade Liberalization in Vietnam
(22July2008) On 19 July 2008, we invited Mr. Vu Cuong (Keio University) to share his research on structural changes under the trade liberalization period in Vietnam. The I-O table approach was used. The estimated results showed that the Vietnamese economy has experienced a variety of changes in three main sectors and their sub-industries. The main focus of our discussion was analytical method and policy implications from the findings. Summary

Workshop on University-Industry Collaboration
Our 44th workshop was held on 28 June 2008. Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Lien (APU) presented her research on university-industry collaborations (UIC) in Vietnam using results from a survey with 43 universities all over Vietnam. Statistical results showed that universities have diverse UIC levels, depending on their own characteristics. Possible determinants of such UIC were also presented. Numerous comments on survey and analytical methods were lively discussed. Summary

Workshop on SMEs in Mongolia
(26May2008) VDF-Tokyo monthly workshop welcomed Mr. Bataa Ganbold (Visiting Research Fellow, IDE / JETRO) who presented on "Improving Access to Finance for SMEs: International Experiences and Lessons for Mongolia".  In the workshop, Mr. Ganbold made an overview about the role of SMEs in both developing and developed world, as well as their various difficulties in accessing financial sources. Good experiences and lessons for Mongolia were discussed. Participants also exchanged studies on the cases of Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Summary

The Fourth VDF-Tokyo Conference on 9 August
(02May2008) On Saturday 9 August 2008 at GRIPS, we will hold the Fourth VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam. Following the purposes of our previous conferences, this time we will also provide open environment for everyone to discuss about various social and economic issues in Vietnam. We are now calling for papers and participation. Click the top banner to get the most updated information!

Workshop on Trade Liberalization in Vietnam
(28Apr2008) The 42nd VDF-Tokyo monthly workshop was held on 26 April 2008 at GRIPS. In the workshop, Ms. Yen presented a channel impact analysis framework, which was modified from Wacziarg (2001), to explore relation between trade liberalization and economic growth in Vietnam via numerous macroeconomic variables. Discussions went lively with many comments on models and estimated results. Summary

Workshop on feasibility of a common currency area in East Asia
(04Mar2008) The 41st VDF-Tokyo monthly workshop was held on 1 March 2008 at GRIPS, where
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan  (Kyoto Univ., PhD Candidate) made a presentation on "East Asian Currency Area: A Bayesian Dynamic Factor Model Analysis".
Please read Summary for more.

Ad hoc Workshop of VDF-Tokyo on 28 Feb 2008
(28Feb2008) In this special seminar, Mr. Mizanur Rahman (GRIPS PhD candidate) presented a theoretical model to evaluate the ex ante impacts a common currency on East Asian production networks with an application for China's exports. The findings show that production and exports of processing products would be potentially higher with such a common currency in the region.
(PDF328KB) | Presentation (PDF290KB)

Essay on Life in Vietnam by Mr. J. Mori is updated
(18Feb2008) Three new short essays written by Mr. Junichi Mori were uploaded. In Japanese language only. READ

Workshop on Firm's Export Decision
(15Jan2008) The 40th VDF-Tokyo monthly workshop was held at GRIPS on 12 Jan 2008, where
Mr. Nguyen Hiep, a PhD Candidate at Kobe Univ., made a presentation on "Entry Costs and Heterogeneous Characteristics of Firms in the Decision to Export: Empirical Evidence from Firm-Level Data in Vietnam." Please read the summary for more. Summary

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