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Publication on the motorbike industry in Vietnam
(25Dec2007) VDF has published a new volume of policy proposals for development of the motorbike industry in Vietnam, which was drafted by the Motorbike Joint Working Group, a non-government groups of producers, experts and officials formed in Spring 2006 to work jointly for the purpose of drafting the motorbike master plan. VDF served as a coordinator and secretariat of the Group. MORE. JWG.

Book on social issues in Vietnam, vol. 2
(25Dec2007) The second volume of the book on social issues in Vietnam was published in English. This book contains six chapters, covers the issues of poverty, health care, street children, social protection, and elderly in Vietnam. The book was contributed by foreign and Vietnamese professors and researchers. The Vietnamese translated version will also be published soon.


Workshop on ODA's effects on FDI inflows
(17Dec2007) Ms. Pham Thu Hien (GRIPS) presented her study on effects of ODA in infrastructure on FDI inflows in Vietnams at the 39th VDF-Tokyo workshop on 15 December, 2007. To examine the effects,
two-stage least squares method and fixed effects/random effects model were used. The regression results showed evidences of the positive impacts of ODA in infrastructure on FDI inflows, not only by direct channels, but also by indirect channels through improving the human capital base of respective provinces. For further information, please refer the workshop summary, the paper (PDF286KB), and the presentation (PDF253KB).

Workshop on export growth in Pakistan
(19Nov2007) The 38th VDF-Tokyo workshop was held on 17 November 2007. Mr. Imran Ullah Khan, GRIPS PhD Candidate, presented his on-going dissertation measuring the impact of the components of trade costs on export growth in Pakistan. The gravity model with composed error term was used, and policy measures were proposed based on the research's findings. Summary,
Extended Abstract (PDF30KB), Slides (PDF78KB)

  Workshop on stock prices in HoSTC
(31Oct2007) On 20 October 2007, Mr. Tran Viet Ha (Kyoto University) presented his paper on stock prices in Ho Chi Minh City Trading Center (HoSTC). F-type ADF test was used to examine the random walk hypothesis (RWH) for the stock prices in HoSTC. The test result showed that the stock prices hardly followed RWH, implying the market was ineffective. Summary, Paper (PDF338KB), Slides (PDF167KB)

VSET 2007 is greatly successful
On last Saturday, the Vietnamese Symposium on Economics and Technology 2007 (VSET2007) was successfully held at GRIPS campus. This event was jointly organized by VDF-Tokyo and the Japanese-Vietnamese Engineers Exchange Forum (JVEEF). We welcomed more than 100 participants to attend two keynote speeches and 14 paper presentations (in three parallel sessions). Prof. Ohno delivered a keynote speech on East Asian development patterns and provided some key messages on policy challenges for Vietnam. He was also the chairman of the Economics and Social Issues session, where two presentations on business, and other two presentations on social issues were exchanged.

Workshop on stock return volatility in Vietnam
(01Oct2007) The 36th VDF-Tokyo workshop was held on 22 September 2007. At the workshop, Mr. Vuong Thanh Long from Kobe Univ. presented his master thesis on the stock return volatility in the Vietnam stock market. An ARCH/GARCH model was applied to test a hypothesis of highly persistent volatility of stock return, and ICSS algorithm was used to identify break points of stock return rate variances. Policy implications were in focus of discussion among the participants. Summary.
(PDF335KB) Slides (PDF309KB).

Symposium on economics and technology 2007

(18Sep2007) On 13 October 2007, VDF-Tokyo and Japanese-Vietnamese Engineers Exchange Forum (JVEEF), in association with Vietnamese Youth and Students Association in Japan (VYSA), will organize Vietnamese Symposium on Economics and Technology 2007 (VSET2007).
The Symposium consists of presentations of an invited keynote speaker, voluntary presentations and posters, which address the main themes of the Symposium. For more information on the Symposium, please click the banner below to visit its official website.

Workshop on monetary transmission mechanism
(20Aug2007) At the 35th VDF-Tokyo workshop held on 18 August 2007, Mr. Le Viet Hung (GRIPS) presented his research on monetary transmission mechanism in Vietnam using vector autoregression approach. His presentation focused on reduced-form relationships between money, real output, price level, real interest rate, real exchange rate and credit. Various related issues were discussed among participants. Summary

Workshop on localization in auto industry
At the 34th workshop, held on July 21, 2007, Ms. Nguyen Bich Thuy (PhD candidate, Waseda University) presented the findings from her field survey in Vietnam on how the current industrial policies had impacted on localization progress in the Vietnamese automobile industry. A number of comments and questions on survey, findings, and policy implications were lively discussed among participants. Summary.
(PDF678KB)  Paper (PDF238KB).

Full summary of the 3rd VDF-Tokyo conference!
(17Jul2007) For the full summary, please click the banner below.

Economic development of Japan in Vietnamese
(03Jul2007) The Vietnamese version of the book Economic Development of Japan: The Path Traveled by Japanese as a Developing Country (Kenichi Ohno, March 2007) is now available at the download corner.


Workshop on intellectual property   
(25Jun2007) The 33rd VDF-Tokyo Monthly Workshop was held on 23 June 2007 at GRIPS. In the workshop, Mr. Tran Huu Tra made an overview of the current status of trademark registration and enforcement in Vietnam. Various cases of trademark infringements were analyzed, and a number of policy implications were discussed to improve trademark rights under strict WTO regulations. MORE

Workshop on endogenous development
(16April2007) The 32nd VDF-Tokyo monthly workshop was held on 14 April 2007 at GRIPS. In the workshop, Ms. Do My Hien reviewed the endogenous development theories and practical applications in many countries. Then, a desired model for implementing endogenous development in Thanh Hoa province (Vietnam) was presented. Various related issues, such as human resources and administrative capacity under globalization, were raised and discussed among participants of the workshop. Summary
(PDF201KB) | PPT (PDF204KB)

Book on social issues in Vietnam
(05Apr2007) In March 2007, VDF published another book, namely Social Issues under Economic Transformation and Integration in Vietnam Vol. 1 in English. This book contains seven Chapters, in which various topics, such as street children, youth employment, household welfare, are discussed in detail with policy implications for the development of social sector in Vietnam. The Vietnamese translated version will also be published soon. MORE

Book on supporting industry
VDF has published a book Building Supporting Industries in Vietnam Vol. 1 in English, which contains four papers, each addressing a different topic on the current status of Vietnam's supporting industries and international experiences and situation in developing these industries. The Vietnamese translated version will be published in Spring 2007. MORE


Workshop on the stock market in Vietnam
In the workshop on Saturday 17 March 2007, Mr. Pham Vu Thang Long (Osaka University) analyzed the abnormal returns in the stock market in Vietnam. Over-reaction hypothesis in the stock market was discussed. Model creation, estimated results, and policy implications were in focus of discussion for the most emerging market in Vietnam. Summary

Workshop on monetary union forming
(13Feb2007) The VDF-Tokyo monthly workshop was held on Saturday, 10Feb07 at GRIPS. Mr. Vu Tuan Khai (YNU & VDF-Tokyo) presented his theoretical model to analyze how countries at different development stages would respond if they formed a common currency area (CCA). Countries in East Asia were in focus. Model variables, results, and policy implications were discussed. Summary


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