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Workshop on Supplier-Maker Network Structure with Case Study on Vietnam's Motorcycle Industry
(17Dec2005) Mr. Pham Truong Hoang (VDF Tokyo & Yokohama National University) presented theoretical framework on supplier-maker structure with practice-based propositions, and then analyzed Vietnam's Motorbike Industry as the case study. It is shown that, along the development of this industry in Vietnam under fierce international competition, suppliers have chosen different network structures to improve their capacities and competitiveness. Various questions and comments were discussed, and those would be useful for Mr. Hoang's coming studies. Summary 

Monthly Workshop on Impacts of FDI on Poverty Reduction in Vietnam
 (19Nov2005) Mr. Tran Trong Hung (GRIPS Master student) analyzed the impacts of FDI on poverty incidence in Vietnam with panel data of 12 provinces and cities during 1993-2002. Studies on other countries were reviewed, and econometric models' estimates showed a significant role of FDI in reducing poverty with both direct and indirect impacts. The choice of models and other important variables were discussed so that the research would be more comprehensive in providing policy implications.  Summary

VJSE2005 Report
(14Nov2005) Continuing with the success and experience of the first Vietnamese-Japanese Studentsf Scientific Exchange (VJSE) Meeting in 2004, the second VJSE-2005 Meeting was held at Osaka University on November 5-6. It provided various opportunities for students and researchers to exchange not only academic ideas but also cultural activities. (Summarized by Giang Thanh Long, PhD at GRIPS).

Workshop on Vietnam's bazaars and markets
(22Oct2005) Mr. Le Viet Trung, PhD candidate at Kobe Univ, presented his study on the nature and problems of different types of "bazaars" including organized markets, street shops, pavement vendors, mini-marts and shopping malls. Locational concentration, over-charging, institutional evolution, FDI impact and other issues were debated. Summary

VDF-Tokyo supports VJSE-2005
(16Sep2005) VJSE-2005 is going to be held at Osaka University on 5 and 6 Nov 2005. Following the last year, VDF-Tokyo will take part in the event as a sponsor. We are planning to hold an Economic & Development Session as in the VJSE-2004. VDF-Tokyo will send Mr Giang Thanh Long and Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh to the conference to present their recent findings. For more information, please go to the VJSE-2005 official website: http://www.svhandai.org/vjse2005/

The 1st VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam 
(20Jun2005) The first conference was held on 18/Jun (Sat) which brought together 47 participants. Six presentations were made, followed by lively discussion. The exhibition of "One-page presentation" introduced 22 researchers' current researches which also drew the participants' attention.
Program (Papers and PPTs available) | One-page Presentation | Gallery | Summary

Report on VDF-MOI Joint Mission to Thai and Japan
(24Jun2005) VDF and the Department of Planning of Vietnam's Ministry of Industry (MOI) are conducting a joint research project to study the methodology of industrial policy formulation. So far they have organised two foreign missions to Thailand and Japan. A report on the missions are now available. MORE

VDF-Tokyo Special Workshop on 30 May 2005
(25May2005) Two senior officials from Vietnam's Ministry of Industry (MOI) are visiting Japan next week on a research mission to enhance MOI's policy making capability. The mission is sponsored by VDF. We are happy to invite you to a workshop by these officials. MORE

GRIPS has moved!
(01Apr2005) We moved to the new campus in Roppongi.
Please check out our new nest. MAP

Call for Papers and Participation in the VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam!   (Paper submission deadline: 15 May 2005)
(02Mar2005) The first VDF-Tokyo Conference will be held at GRIPS in Tokyo on 18 June 2005. VDF-Tokyo promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the area related to the socio-economic development of Vietnam. The Conference welcomes scholars, researchers and practitioners as speakers, as well as general participants. If you are interested in participating in this event, please click MORE.  

Free trade impact by CGE model --  The 16th VDF-Tokyo Workshop
(16Apr2005)Mr. Nguyen Manh Toan, former lecturer at Danang Univ. and PhD candidate at Kobe Univ. presented at the 16th VDF Tokyo workshop at new GRIPS campus. His CGE model examined the impact of reducing all tariffs to 0-5% on different groups: rural-urban, male-female, with-without jobs, etc. His presentation was precise. The model found that pure free trade effect worsens income gaps (but growth, policy, labor mobility may reverse this trend). Abstract (PDF17KB), Summary

The 15th VDF-Tokyo Workshop
(16Jan2005) The 15th VDF-Tokyo Workshop was held on 15 Jan 2005. We welcomed Ms Mai Ngoc Lan from the Graduate School of Economics, Shiga University, who presented on "Quantitative Assessment of Sensitivity to Exchange Rate Fluctuations for Vietnam: The Sectoral Approachh. Her presentation slides have been up. Summary

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