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Workshop on Impact of the Real Exchange Rate
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Vinh (Kobe University) presented a research on the impact of real exchange rate on output and inflation in Vietnam by using VAR model with monthly data from 1992 to 2005. An overview of exchange rate regimes, previous studies, and models were provided. Questions and comments on variables, estimates, and policy implications were discussed. Summary

Workshop on Effects of Overseas Remittances
(28Nov2006) In the workshop held on 25 Nov 2006,
Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh (PhD Candidate of GRIPS) presented his study on the impacts of foreign remittances on the Vietnamese economy by using a CGE model. An overview of flows of remittances to Vietnam, a brief literature review, and model construction were provided. Many questions about modelling, the estimated results, and possible reasons were discussed. Summary

Workshop on Vietnam Life Insurance Industry
In this workshop, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (Ph.D Candidate, Kobe University) presented his co-authored study with Prof. Takao Atsushi on solvency regulation in life insurance industry. Two methods, i.e. "fixed-ratioh model and "risk-basedh capital model (RBC), were presented with various related issues. Then, he compared the effectiveness of these two models, and proposed an effective model for Vietnam. Numerous questions on appropriateness of the proposed model for Vietnam were discussed.  Summary

VDF Report on Thai-Malaysia-Japan Mission
(02Oct2006) VDF and MOI (Ministry of Industry in Vietnam) have organized three joint study missions to Thailand, Japan and Malaysia from early 2005 to early 2006 in order to explore the way to improve the methodology of industrial policy formulation in Vietnam. VDF has published a report (in English and Vietnamese) to share our findings and information gathered from the each country through the missions with a broader community of policy makers and researchers in Vietnam. Download

VJSE: Vietnamese-Japanese Students' Scientific Exchange Meeting in Kobe 4-5 Nov 2006

(02Oct2006) Following the last two years, the 3rd VJSE is going to be held at Kobe University during 4-5 Nov 2006, to offer an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas in studying and doing research among Vietnamese, Japanese as well as other international students and researchers who are interested in Vietnamese issues. Please visit the official Website for more information. VDF is one of the sponsors to support this annual meeting.  

The 26th Workshop on 9 Sep 2006 (Sat)
(11Sep2006) In this workshop, Dr. Seungkee Baek (GRIPS Visiting Fellow) presented his co-authored paper with Prof. Kaoru Tone (GRIPS) on measuring utilization policy for foreign aid on economic development by using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach. General DEA framework and slack-based measurement model were reviewed, and then applied for 13 receiving Asian countries of Japan's loan and grant during 1999-2001. Many questions and comments of the model and estimates were raised. Summary

The 25th Workshop on 26 Aug 2006 (Sat)  
(29Aug2006) On the day, VDF Tokyo welcomed Mr. Luu Hoai Son (GRIPS YLP) to present his research on diversification of financing sources for transport development in Vietnam. An overview of current financing schemes were discussed. Then, Mr. Son's projections were presented in comparison with other official projections by Ministry of Transportation of Vietnam (MoT). Various issues including international experience and institutional reform were in focus. Summary

Prof. Nakazawa Commented on VDF SI Report
(26Jul2006) On July 25 2006, Prof. Nakawaza (Univ. of Hyogo), an expert in Japanese SMEs, visited VDF Tokyo. He pointed out the differences between big firms and SMEs in their decision-making process and factors. He emphasized that SMEs tended to set up overseas factories due to (i) customer relationship, (ii) business incentives, (iii) dream, and (iv) human relationship. Summary


Environmental Experts Discussed the Role of Motorbikes
(26Jul2006) On July 25 2006, VDF Tokyo hosted a brainstorming session for environmental issues caused by motorbikes in Vietnam. Mr. Minato (JARI), Ms. Okiyama (JARI), Ms. Matsumoto (IGES), and Ms. Tajima (Rikkyo Univ.) joined the meeting. They discussed environmental problem caused by motorbikes and automobiles in Asia and possible lessons to Vietnam. Summary | Mr. Minato's Presentation (in Japanese, PDF355KB)

Supporting Industry Expert Meeting
(20Jul2006) On July 20, 2006, VDF Tokyo hosted a supporting industry expert meeting, inviting Prof. Nobehara (Fuji Tokoha Univ.), Prof. Baba (Hosei Univ.), and Dr. Ide (Ritsumeikan Univ.). Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thuy (GRIPS/VDF) reviewed related concepts and proposed the VDF definition of supporting industries. In the free discussion moderated by Prof. Ohno (GRIPS/VDF), the experts exchanged their research and consulting experience in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Slides (PDF102KB) | Summary

VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of VN
(18Jul2006) The 2nd VDF-Tokyo Conference was held on 15 July 2006 at GRIPS in Tokyo. In the morning session, Prof. David Dapice (Harvard Univ / Tufts Univ: photo right) and Prof. Kenichi Ohno (GRIPS) made Keynote Presentations, and in the afternoon there were six presentations by researchers from Japan and Vietnam in two sessions (Economics and Social). Program of the conference | Summary


VDF Report on Support Industries in Vietnam
(07Jul2006) VDF has published their report on "Supporting Industries in Vietnam from the Perspective of Japanese Manufacturing Firms", which is based on the series of hearings, that VDF organized, between the Ministry of Industry (MOI) and Japanese manufacturing firms operating in Vietnam. English and Japanese version available. Download
(25Jul2006) Vietnamese version is also available.

Workshop on Tax Corruption
(26Jun2006) Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha (IUJ) presented a theoretical model based on Tabellini (1986) to analyze dynamic policy game between fiscal and monetary authorities in stabilizing public debt in emerging economies. Level of tax corruption and other major macroeconomic variables were focused in discussion of the issue. Summary (PDF34KB).


Workshop on Brain Drain
(20May2006) Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh (GRIPS PhD candidate & VDF Tokyo) presented a theoretical model to analyze the decision of skilled workers to return home from more advanced economies, at the VDF-Tokyo WS on 20May2006 at GRIPS. It showed that life-time income maximization, economic growth, and risks in their home country were crucial elements. Other factors such as culture, working environment were also in focus of discussion. Presentation Slides (PDF1.1MB, revised on 1June06) | Summary

Prof. Ohno's new book available
Prof. Kenichi Ohno's new book The Economic Development of Japan: the Path Traveled by Japan as a Developing Country (new English edition) has just been published by GRIPS, which is distributed for free of charge to those who are interested in. If you are a GRIPS student, come to Room E404, and if you are a outside student, why don't you come to our next workshop to pick it up? 
The PDF is also available. DOWNLOAD
Click HERE for smaller sized PDF files. Chinese version also available at Room E404.

Professor talks about Japanese ODA
(25Apr2006) Professor Kenichi Ohno gave an interview to the Asahi Shimbun / Herald Tribune on 22Apr06. Also available on line LINK.

@Workshop on Development of Supporting Industries for Vietnam's Industrialization
(15Apr2006) Mr. Junichi Mori (VDF-Tokyo Researcher) presented the current status of the supporting industries in Vietnam, as well as factors to promote them. It was shown that Vietnam's supporting industries were just in the primitive step, and thus various obstacles needed to be overcome, particularly in the increasingly competitive markets. Limited demand size and shortage of high-level industrial human resources were in focus of discussion, among many factors. MORE (<---The most updated PPT is available) Summary

Workshop on Human Resource Development
(11Feb2006) VDF-Tokyo invited Professor Takahashi from Chuo Univ. for our monthly workshop which was held on 11 Feb 2006 at GRIPS. He made a presentation on "Changes of Human Resource Development in Japan and Their Trends of East Asian Countries: A Comparison of Japan, China and Vietnam" which brought together more than 20 participants. Summary

WS on Small-scaled Producers and Markets
(24Jan2006) Mr. Kien presented fifty case studies to show that the poor could overcome poverty incidence by doing small-scaled businesses, in which experience, knowledge transfers, and networking were the most important factors. It was also emphasized that those businesses were risky due to various factors, and thus government supports became crucial. Summary | [Abstract] (PDF15KB) | [Presentation] (PDF1,020KB)

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