JAPAN NEWS Back Numbers 2009

New Essay from Mr. Junichi Mori: No.24
(10Nov2009) A new essay from Mr. Mori arrived (only in Japanese). He recently visited Malaysia where he used to live in for more than 4 years. This time, he writes about Malaysia today, immersing himself in nostalgia.... Click

New Publication: Introducing KAIZEN in Africa
(09Nov2009) Introducing KAIZEN in Africa was published, in which  Prof. K. Ohno's co-paper "Introduction" is included.
Kaizen literally means improvement: change (kai) for good (zen), that is applicable not only to the manufacturing sector but also to other sectors, and organizations.
This book aims to introduce the basic concept and characteristics of kaizen to African audience and explain how Japan has implemented kaizen assistance in developing countries, etc.
The contents are downloadable at "Download" corner of this website, or please write to us if you wish to have a hard copy.

New Essay from Mr. Junichi Mori: No.23
(19Oct2009) A new essay from Mr. Mori was uploaded (sorry, only in Japanese!). He collected some humorous short stories from his daily life in Hanoi. Click

VJSE Tokyo 2009 is successfully over
(15Oct2009) The 5th Vietnamese-Japanese Student Scientific Exchange Conference (VJSE) was held in University of Tokyo on 10-11 October 2009. VDF (GRIPS) is one of the regular sponsors to support this annual conference. For more information on VJSE, please click the banner below.

VDF in Hanoi is shifted to a new office
(3Jun2009) From 1 June 2009, VDF has started its activities in the new location: Southern Bank Office Building, 10th floor, 27 Hang Bai Street, Hanoi, which is close to Hoan Kiem Lake - the heart of Hanoi. This is a convenient place to visit. Tel and fax numbers remain unchanged. 
VDF in Hanoi

New Essay from Mr. Junichi Mori
(3Jun2009) A new essay from Mr. Mori in Hanoi is uploaded (only in Japanese). He argues on comparison of monozukuri types between Japan, Vietnam, and Italy in a unique and casual perspective. Click

New Essay from Mr. Junichi Mori
(14May2009) Mr. Mori's new essay has arrived (sorry, only in Japanese). He used to be a researcher at GRIPS, and now works for an international organization in Hanoi. He shares his findings and thoughts inspired by his daily life in Vietnam with humour. Please click here or on the banner on the right hand side.

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