Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for AsiaAn Executive Training Program for Macroeconomic Policy Makers in Asia

Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS) 2021

Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS) 2021

Venue: GRIPS 3C (3F)

Disclaimer : Rescheduled program for JIMS2021 Seminar (From March 1 – 5 → September 27 – October 1)

Please be advised that this program may change without prior notice due effects of the pandemic.

Date Time / Session
September 27 Monday

The World Economic Outlook under COVID-19

Chair: Prof. Yuqing Xing, GRIPS

Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Dunn, Deputy Head, IMF-OAP

Discussant: Dr. Chi hung Kwan, Senior Fellow, Nomura Institute of Capital Market Research



Monetary Policy Reponses in the US, Japan and the EU to the COVID-19 recession

Chair: Prof. Chey Hyoung Kyu, GRIPS

Speaker: Dr.Toshitaka Sekine, Professor, Hitotsubashi University

Discussant: Prof. Tomohiro Kinoshita, Otemon Gakuin University

September 28 Tuesday

Fiscal Stimulus of Advanced Countries for fighting the COVID-19 recession

Chair: Prof. Roberto León-González, GRIPS

Speaker: Prof.Atsushi Nakajima, University of Niigata Prefecture (Tentative)

Discussant: Prof. Hiroko Ota, GRIPS



Roundtable Discussion: The pandemic recession and the limitations of macroeconomic policy

Facilitator: Prof. Hiroaki Miyamoto of Tokyo Metropolitan University

September 29 Wednesday

The Economic Impact of Regional Economic Integration

Chair: Prof. Guanie Lim, GRIPS

Speaker: Prof. Kenichi Kawasaki, GRIPS

Discussant: Dr. Willem Thorbecke, RIETI



Field Trip (by subway)

Faculty Leader: GRIPS Faculty

14:00-15:00 Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

15:00-16:00 Briefing (TSE)

September 30 Thursday

Exchange Rate Management and Foreign Exchange Policy

Chair: Prof. Hidehiko Matsumoto, GRIPS

Speaker: Prof. Junko Shimizu, Gakushuin University

Discussant: Mr. Kazuya Mori, Foreign Exchange Markets Division, Int’l Bureau, MOF



The US-China Trade War and the Pandemic: The Risks to Global Value Chains

Chair: Prof. Minchung Hsu, GRIPS

Speaker: Prof. Yuqing Xing, GRIPS

Discussant: Dr. Momoko Kawakami, IDE, JETRO

October 1 Friday

Policies for supporting the recovery of the service sector and SMEs: the experiences of advanced economies

Chair: Prof. Yoko Kijima, GRIPS

Speaker 1: Mr. Ryota Ochi, Deputy Director, Office for International Cooperation, Business Environment Department, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, METI

Speaker 2: Mr. Satoshi Miura, Director, Service Industries Office, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, METI

Discussant: Prof. Tomoo Kikuchi, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University



Roundtable Discussion: the COVID-19 Recession and Macroeconomic Policy Responses of Emerging Asia

Facilitator: Prof. Yuqing Xing, GRIPS

Virtual Completion Ceremony

*Each session will have a speaker and a Chair /discussant. The Chair will introduce the speaker and discussant, join the discussion, and monitor the progress of the session; the speaker will give one hour presentation, lead the discussion and answer questions from participants; the discussant will make 15-30 minutes comments on the presentation and lead the discussion whenever it is necessary.



Application Period: December 14.2020 to April 23, 2021


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