Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for AsiaAn Executive Training Program for Macroeconomic Policy Makers in Asia


Macroeconomic policy management under the uncertainty of protectionism

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Achieving Sustainable and Balanced Growth under Globalization

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Seminar Participants

Achieving Sustainable and Balanced Growth under Globalization

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Achieving Sustainable and Balanced Growth under Globalization

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About JIMS

The Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar (JIMS) is an executive training program designed specifically for senior government officials from ministries of finance, central banks and other relevant agencies of emerging Asia-Pacific countries. The project is hosted collaboratively by the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific(OAP)and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), with the generous financial support of the Japanese government. This one-week training program is held once a year on the GRIPS campus, located in Roppongi, a trendy business hub of Tokyo.

Each year JIMS invites 30 senior government officials from the Asia Pacific region to participate in the training program, an excellent networking opportunity. Since the inception of JIMS in 2011, more than 200 senior government officials from over twenty Asian-Pacific countries have attended.

The offerings of the program are impressive: JIMS invites distinguished academic scholars, senior IMF economists, and Japanese government officials and private sector practitioners to share their views on and experience in macroeconomic policy design and implementation and provide in-depth analysis of challenges and perspectives related to the global economy. JIMS also functions as a macroeconomic policy dialogue platform for the participants, who bring first-hand experience in macroeconomic policy formulation and implementation, to share their home country-related experience in working to enhance regional economic integration and growth. As a supplement to the in-class discussions, JIMS arranges a half day field trip for the participants to explore the related agencies.

As a robust step towards a more unified, more prosperous and stronger Asian economy, we welcome all qualified senior government officials to apply for JIMS 2019!

Yuqing Xing

JIMS Director
Professor, GRIPS

7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8677

TEL : +81-(0)3-6439-6000     FAX : +81-(0)3-6439-6010


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