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2020.7.17 [Fri]
Binding back issues of journals (FINISHED)
2020.7.13 [Mon]
Invitation for Nexis Uni Online Training Session on 21 July [in JAPANESE] (FINISHED)
2020.6.10 [Wed]
Invitation for Scopus & Mendeley Online Training Session on 24 June [in JAPANESE] (FINISHED)
2020.6.2 [Tue]
Invitation for GRIPS Discovery Service & EBSCOhost Databases Online Training Session on 17 June [in JAPANESE] (FINISHED)
2020.5.30 [Sat]
[Important] Notice of Library Reopening on 4 June, 2020
2020.5.18 [Mon]
Services during the Library closure due to COVID-19
2020.5.8 [Fri]
Home delivery service for library books and materials
2020.4.17 [Fri]
Free content and information related to Coronavirus provided by the publishers
2020.4.8 [Wed]
[Important] Notice of Library Closure due to the declaration of state of emergency (April 8, 2020 – May 31, 2020)
2020.4.3 [Fri]
Textbook List for spring term 2020 uploaded
2020.3.31 [Tue]
[Important] Change in Library services after April 2020
2020.3.26 [Thu]
Change in Library hours in March 2020
2020.3.6 [Fri]
Temporary suspension of services for non-GRIPS visitors
2020.3.6 [Fri]
Temporary closure of group study room
2020.3.5 [Thu]
Change in the URL of service for off-campus access to online resources
2020.2.21 [Fri]
Server maintenance of service for off-campus access to online resources (FINISHED)
2020.1.31 [Fri]
Textbook List for winter term 2019 uploaded
2020.1.21 [Tue]
GRIPS LIBRARY NEWSLETTER No. 25 (January 21, 2020)
2019.12.26 [Thu]
Maintenance of Electric Shelves in General Books Section (FINISHED)
2019.12.5 [Thu]
Notice of Library Closure (December 28, 2019 – January 5, 2020)