Date Venue / Place Mission / Workshop / Research
5Dec04-8Jan05  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Good Donorship and the Choice of Aid Modalities: Matching Aid with Countries Needs and Ownership", "Vocational Training for Street Children", "Heterogeneous Talent and Optimal Emigration Workshop", Electricity Week, etc.
1-27Nov04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Technical Efficiency in Hanoi and HCMC", "Environmental Accounting: Policies and Linkages", "Street Children in Hanoi and HCMC", and "MPI-4J Industrial Competitiveness", Industrial Conference Week etc.
28Sep-21Oct04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Public-Private Wage Gap", "Industrial Export and Industrial Structure", and "Trade Openness and Earning Gap"
24Sep04 Tokyo JVEC (Japan-Vietnam Economist Club) turns into VDF-Tokyo More
3Aug-18Sep04  Hanoi, HCMC / Vietnam VDF: HCM Research Trip (8/9-8/15), Motorbike week (9/6-11) etc., Workshop "Supporting Industry for Successful Industrialization of Vietnam: from Concept to Strategy", "Electronics Industry in ASEAN and Japan's Technical Assistance: Implications for Vietnam", "FDI Marketing and Optimum Procurement Strategy", "Motorbike Industry", and "ERP (Effective Rate of Protection)"
11-17Jul04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Research on Electronics, Preparation for Motorbike Workshop
13-17Jun04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Electronics SCM", and Workshop "Causes of Children Coming onto Streets"
9-20May04   Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "China's Steel Market and Implications for Vietnam"
11-15Apr04   Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Joint Symposium with ADB "Institutional Arrangements for Long-term Growth", and Workshop "Master Plan for Electronic Industry"
17-30Mar04   Hanoi, HCMC / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Dollarization in Vietnam by Economic Sectors", and "Rural Finance"
23Feb-7Mar04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: VDF Official Opening Ceremony, Presentation at MOI
27Jan-10Feb04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "The Pension Scheme in Vietnam: Current Status and Challenges in an Aging Society"
15-18Jan04  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Reconsideration Vietnam's Exchange Rate Mechanism"


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