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Recent Activities 2009

Date Venue / Place Mission / Workshop / Research    *Green refers to future plans.
15-19Dec09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: "Risk Management in Vietnam Commercial Banks," "Overview of Vietnam's financial supervision," "Shindanshi Seminar," etc.
12-13Nov09 Hakone / Japan Presentation on "エチオピアにおける開発国家建設の試み:民主主義開発体制と農業発展主導型工業化 (Ethiopia: Political Regime and Development Policies)" at Hakone Conference organised by FASID (Global COE Program)
17-28Nov09 Bonn /Germany,
Addis Ababa / Ethiopia
Germany: International Workshop on Industrial Policy in Developing Countries (by German Development Institute)
Ethiopia: High Level Forum [3] etc. (JICA Mission)
Report (in Japanese only)
*Presented materials are available at "Download" corner.
9 Nov 2009 JICA / Tokyo Lecture on "Avoiding the Middle Income Trap: Renovating Industrial Policy Formulation in Vietnam" at the Seminar on Economic Development in the Period of Economic Crisis.
(JICA Website:
in Japanese only)
18Oct-7Nov09 Hanoi /Vietnam, Bangkok / Thai VDF: Workshop on "Management of Marine Protected Areas" and "Security Market Surveillances in Vietnam", Lectures at UNDP and Foreign Trade University on "Avoiding the Middle Income Trap: Proposing Proactive Industrial Policy for Vietnam", etc.
Thai: Research on Shindanshi system and industrial human resource development
13Sep-18Sep09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Shindanshi", "Industrial Clusters";  Meetings on the middle income trap and industrialization, etc.
29Aug-5Sep09 Addis Ababa / Ethiopia High Level Forum [2] etc. (JICA Mission)
Report (in Japanese only) | Presented slides
30Jul-12Aug09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Seminar on Social Issues, Finance etc.; Meeting on the joint drafting of SI action plans between VN and JP sub task forces
Presentation on "Avoiding the Middle Income Trap" for Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), Vietnam Institute of Economics (VIE), and Development Strategy Institute (DSI) of MPI (PPT
12Jul-16Jul09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshops on "Are the Vietnam Stock Markets Getting a Tough Valuation Again?", "Can Vietnam Achieve MDG in Poverty Reduction in High Inflation and Economic Stagnation?", and "The Japanese Business Management Consultant System" (Shindanshi)
14Jun-19Jun09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Meeting on Supporting Industries Action Plan, Shindanshi System, VDF Research Strategy Meeting, etc. 
30May-6Jun09 Addis Ababa / Ethiopia High Level Forum [1] etc. (JICA Mission)
Report (in Japanese only) | Presented slides
10May-15May09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Outline for the Development of Security Market Strategy toward 2020"; on "Identifying Poverty lines for Vietnam"
12Mar-24Mar09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: TVET Symposium; METI-MPI High Level Workshop Slides; VDF Annual Symposium on "Financing Vietnamese enterprises in the post inflation era and under economic recession"
22Feb-8Mar09 Uganda, Ethiopia Policy dialogue in Uganda. Inputs from the East Asian Experiences and Advices to Development Policy of Africa.
Collecting information, etc.
8Feb-19Feb09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Vietnam’s banking supervision and examination"; on "Shindanshi system (corporation evaluator system)"
12Jan-24Jan09 Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Presentation on "Industrial Action Plans: Comparing Modality, Content and Organization in East Asia and Africa" Slides

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