Date Venue / Place Mission / Workshop / Research
26Nov-22Dec05  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Investment and Business Financing in Hanoi", "Hanoi's Transportation Issues", and "Hanoi's Business Responsiveness".
27Oct-17Nov05  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Hanoi's Industrial Parks", "the Perception and Requirement of Investors from Different Countries", and "Impact of Japan's ODA in Transport on Economic Development in Red River Delta".
02-19Oct2005  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Informal Exchange by Japanese Industrial Experts, Workshop on "Vietnam-Japan Free Trade Agreement: The Gravity Model Approach", and Ongoing Hanoi Project.
26Aug-22Sep05  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Cluster-based Industrial Development", "Designing a Non-contributory Pension Scheme in Vietnam"
28Jul-19Aug05  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: SI (Support Industry) Week etc.
26Jun-7Jul05  Hanoi, HCMC / Vietnam VDF: Preliminary mission with Dr. Kiyoshi Wada to study social aspects of drug/HIV problems in Vietnam, Workshop on "Malaysia's Industrial Linkage"
18June05  Tokyo / Japan The 1st VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam at GRIPS Summary
6-16Jun05  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop "Trade - Industry Linkage in the Thai Automobile Industry and Its Implications to Vietnam"
29May-5Jun05   Tokyo / Japan MOI-VDF Joint Mission to Japan: with Mr Le Van Duoc (The Ministry of Industry, Dept of Planning, Director) and Mr Cao Xang Thanh (ditto, Deputy Director). Mission Report
24Apr-12May05  Hanoi, HCMC / Vietnam VDF: Research on Steel Industry with Prof. Nozomu Kawabata (Tohoku Univ).
18Jan-31Mar05  Hanoi / Vietnam, Thailand VDF: Co-project with MPI,
Thai mission on industrialization strategy etc.
Workshop "Demographic Changes and Optimal Investments into Physical and Human Capital for a Small Open Economy", "Impacts of the Block Policy on Performance of Public Service Delivery Units: Evaluation of Hospital Service in Vietnam", "Optimal Human Investment", "Hospital Service in Vietnam", "Mekong Sub-regional Cooperation and East Asia", and "Fiscal Decentralization" etc.
Industry Policy Symposium in Hanoi.


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