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28 June 2017 Tokyo /Japan 講義:「産業政策対話という開発協力」国際開発ジャーナル社主催:ARAKI-JUKU
02 June 2017 Hanoi/ Vietnam

招待講演:"Vietnam: Trapped in the Middle or Forging Ahead?: The Critical Importance of a Giant Policy Leap Now”, Conference on Vietnam on the Way to Semi-advanced Economy organized by Foreign Trade University and Yokohama National University.

25 April 2017 Tokyo /Japan 発表:「日本エチオピア産業政策対話フェーズ3-日系企業のビジネスと投資に対するオールジャパン支援について」駐日エチオピア連邦民主共和国大使館・日本貿易振興機構主催:エチオ−ジャパンビジネスフォーラム
02 Feb. 2017 Addis Ababa /Ethiopia

発表:“Income Equalization vs. Polarization Alternative Paths for High-growth Economies”, JICA/EDRI, The First High Level Forum for the Phase III of Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development.

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