Date Venue / Place Mission / Workshop / Research
17-22Dec06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P, Hanoi Project Symposium in Hanoi
27Nov-6Dec06  Hanoi / Vietnam, KL / Malaysia VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P,
KL: Fourth East Asia Congress,
Workshop on "FDI-growth Nexus in Vietnam" (PPT, Paper)
31Oct-16Nov06  Hanoi, HCM / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P, HCMC Mission. Hearing
15-19Oct06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P
14-28Sep06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P, Workshop on "State -owned Enterprises and Capital Structure", and "Exchange Rate Pass-through of Vietnam's Exports"
27Jul-23Aug06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike Master Plan, Workshop on "Road Traffic Safety in Vietnam", "Creating Practical Supporting Industry Database", "Supporting Industries: A Review of Concept and Development", "The Elderly Population in Vietnam during Economic Transformation", "Industrial Property Infringement of Motorbikes", "Forecasting Motorbike Demand", "Self- Selectivity in Brain Circulation", "Identifying University Education Problems in Viet Nam", and "Motorbike Use and Urban Air Pollution"
2-5Jul06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Future Urban Transportation and the Role of Motorcycles"
11-21Jun06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "VN's Steel Industry" (Slides), "Managing the Development Process and Aid", "VN's Industrial Zones", and "Road Traffic Safety Situation in Vietnam"
28May-01Jun06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Joint Working Group (JWG) on Motorbike M/P
6-10May06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Vietnam's Industries", hosted by METI
23-26Apr06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Meeting with MOI and Japanese producers & experts on Motorbike M/P
08-13Apr06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Presentation at workshop on Supporting Industries in Vietnam - From the Perspective of Japanese Manufacturing Firms  (Japanese 609KB | Vietnamese 280KB)
05Mar-22Mar06  Hanoi, HCMC / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "HIV Infected Prostitutes Situation in Quang Ninh", Coordination for MOI's Opinion Hearing from Japanese Firms in Vietnam
12Feb-24Feb06  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Supporting Industries", Preparation for Supporting Industries Master Plan (M/P) with MOI
08Jan-02Feb06  KL / Malaysia, Hanoi / Vietnam KL: VDF-MOI Joint Mission on Industrial Policy Formulation in Malaysia
VDF: Workshop on "Hospital services in Hanoi and Thanh Hoa", and "FDI in China 1979-2005: Current Situation and Experience"

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