Date Venue / Place Mission / Workshop / Research
25Nov-8Dec07  Zambia,
Hanoi, HCM
JICA mission in Lusaka,
VDF: Motorbike MP seminar in Hanoi,
Social Book introduction seminar in Hanoi and HCM
25Oct-9Nov07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Street Children" by Belgium-funded project
27Sep-11Oct07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Workshop on "Automotive Fuel Quality" by Mr. Kiyoyuki Minato (JARI)
03-15Sep07  Zambia,
London / UK
MOFA mission in Lusaka,
GDF: Research and Policy Networking in London.
20-30Aug07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Research and workshop on Vietnam's Steel Industry by Prof. Kawabata (Tohoku Univ.)
26Jul-2Aug07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Planning of VDF reports
7-12Jul07  Beijing / China Presentation at "2007 IEA Roundtable Conference"
Paper (PDF184KB) | Slides (PDF314KB)
24-27Jun07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Symposium on "Historical Perspective on Japan's Development: Introducing Two Books" at NEU
10-14Jun07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Seminar on "Business Architecture and Industrial Policy" at MOI (together with Prof. Takahiro Fujimoto from Tokyo Univ.)
20-30May07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Finalizing the draft of the Motorbike M/P
6-10May07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Drafting the Motorbike M/P
16-25Apr07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: Drafting the Motorbike Master Plan
27Feb-23Mar07  Hanoi, HCM / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P,
Hearing on parts procurement and future prospect in Hanoi and HCMC,
Motorbike M/P Symposium in Hanoi
13-21Feb2007  London / UK Research and Policy Networking. Report (in Japanese only)
30Jan-8Feb07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P,
METI Technical Assistance Plan by Mr Shosei Kawashima (ex.Mtsubishi) for Supporting Industries and Human Resources, and by Mr Taisuke Kawashima (Yamaha) for Industrial Property Rights
9-18Jan07  Hanoi / Vietnam VDF: JWG on Motorbike M/P,
METI Technical Assistance Plan by Mr Kiyoyuki Minato (JARI) for Automotive Fuel

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