2021.9.28 [Tue]

[Important] Notice of Library services after October 2021

The library services for GRIPS members will be changed after October 2021 as follows.
Wearing a mask and keeping your hands clean is required when you enter the library to avoid further spreading of COVID-2019.
You can stay in the library 2 hours at the maximum. Thank you for your cooperation.

Opening hours


from 1 October (Fri), 2021 until the date to be determined

Library hours (except holiday)

Monday – Friday, 10:00-17:00
Saturday, 10:30-15:00

Notes for use

To avoid further spreading of COVID-2019,

  • If you have symptoms such as a fever or a cough, refrain from entering the library.
  • Pay attention to coughing manners including wearing a mask. Also, keep your hands clean by washing or using hand sanitizer.
  • Keep “social distance” from other users.

Services available

1. Reading desks and seats (will be reduced than usual to avoid crowds)
2. Borrowing, returning GRIPS books at the library

  • Books that are not overdue and not reserved can be renewed using MyLibrary
    You can renew books more than 2 times only under this COVID-19 circumstances.
  • When returning books, put them into the book drop outside the library, or put them on the book return cart in front of the counter. 
    You can also return by mail. When you return by mail, please use the recorded delivery (Yu-pack, letter pack or express package and so on). Please be sure that you cover the postage.

3. Home delivery service for library books and materials (only under COVID-19 circumstances) (*1)

  • The library covers the shipping costs.

4. Inter-Library Loans (ILL) request (*1)(*2)
5. Book purchase request (student only) (*1)(*2)
*1 Only available within Japan
*2 Please apply via MyLibrary
We’re offering useful services in order to support GRIPS community members with online learning, teaching and research.

Services not available

1. Group study room
2. Reference service at the counter
3. Staying in the library for a long time (2 hours at the maximum)
4. Services for non-GRIPS visitors is suspended temporarily. Admission to the library will be limited to GRIPS members only.
Library hours and services will be changed depending on the situation. We’ll notice you if there are any changes. Please also see Library News for latest information on library services.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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