2022.2.24 [Thu]

【TRIAL】Database Trial is carried out (CEIC Data)→Newly introduced(From April 2022)

We have a trial access to the following database. Please feel free to use them.
* Please be sure to log out after use.

  • [Database] CEIC Data
  • [Trial Period] From February 24 to March 31, 2022
  • [Contents] CEIC is a database service that provides various macro-economic statistics (GDP, public finance, monetary, trade, demographic, investment, household, properties, etc) about 213 countries including emerging and developed countries. During this trial period,
    you have access to Global Database, Premium Database (China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia), and World Trend Plus. In particular, for China, Russia, India, Brazil, and Indonesia, granular data are available by region and industry.  

    Guest Login: No account / password is required. You can not save your search result and so on. 
    Account Login:If you register your e-mail address, you can save your search result and so on.

  • 1.CEIC Login Guide

How to access from outside GRIPS

  • If you access from outside GRIPS (“Off Campus Access”), please log in EZproxy and select “【Trial】CEIC Data” on the Ezproxy service menu page.

How to access from inside GRIPS

  • If you access from inside GRIPS, access the following link: CEIC Data
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