2020.5.8 [Fri]

Home delivery service for library books and materials

The Library remains closed until further notice in response to COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to support our students, faculty and staff while the Library is closed, we are now offering the following services.

  • Home delivery service (Borrowing books or obtaining copies of articles available at the GRIPS library) →We will send the materials by mail. We also cover the shipping costs. To make a request, follow the instructions below.
  • ILL (ONLY TO OBTAIN COPIES of articles) →Apply from MyLibrary
    *Please note that due to COVID-19 service disruptions at university libraries across the country we cannot guarantee that ILL requests will be fulfilled. Requests may take extra time to be filled.
  • Book purchase request (student only) →Apply from MyLibrary

There will be changes in application deadline and shipping schedule after reopening of the library on 4 June, 2020.

How to request materials for delivery (Borrowing books or obtaining copies of articles available at the GRIPS library)

  1. Make a request by email with the following information.
    *3 items per request
  2. When the materials are ready, we send them by mail.
  3. Send us an email to confirm your receipt of the materials.


Necessary information to apply

TO: lib[at]
SUBJECT: Requesting home delivery service

(1)Your Name
(2)Your Student ID No.
(3)Your home address (your mailing address)
(4)Your phone number
Please search our OPAC for the following information:
(5)Book/Journal/Article Title and other details (for journal articles, please include the page numbers):
(6)Call Number
(7)Material ID
*If you want to borrow more than one material, please repeat (5)-(7).

Application deadline, Shipping schedule

Every Monday and Thursday, 12:00 PM
*3 items per request

[Changes after 4 June, 2020]

Application deadline Shipping schedule
Monday – Thursday, 5:00 PM The day after the date of the acceptance of application
Friday – Sunday, 5:00 PM Next Monday

*3 items per request


  • We plan to send the materials every Tuesday and Friday. →Every Monday to Friday, after 4 June, 2020
  • You can borrow up to 30 books in total.
  • The basic loan period of home delivery service is 1 month from the date the item is sent. If the Library closure is extended, loan period will be changed.
  • Please keep your library materials until we reopen. Also, due dates of books you are borrowing now have been extended to 13 June (Sat).
    [Changes after 4 June, 2020]
    When returning books, put them into the book drop outside the library, or put them on the book return cart in front of the counter.
    You can also return by mail. When you return by mail, please use the recorded delivery (Yu-pack, letter pack or express package and so on). Please be sure that you cover the postage.
  • We cannot guarantee fixed delivery times. There may be delays in processing requests, depending on our working schedule.
  • This service is available to GRIPS students, faculty and staff.
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