2018.10.11 [Thu]

How to access EBSCO e-book

The partial failure regarding the access through SSL-VPN has occurred.
When you would like to access EBSCO e-book from outside GRIPS or with your own PC via GRIPS Wi-Fi (GRIPS spot), please create “My EBSCO Account”.


[How to creat “My EBSCO Account”]

1.Access GRIPS library web site and click “Off campus access SSL-VPN”

2.Enter your GRIPS ID and password

3.Clik “EBSCO host” or ” EBSCOhost Integrated search(EHIS)” from Databases

4.Click the “Sign in” the top toolbar of the screen

5.From the sign in screen, click the “Create one now” link and creat a My EBSCOhost Account.

Please refer the following for more detail:

@How to Create and Manage a My EBSCOhost Account:


[How to access EBSCO e-book with “My EBSCO Account”]

Please refer to “How to access EBSCO e-book (PDF).”


We are very sorry to cause such an inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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