2. Research Projects

Research Projects

Apr 1, 2013 - Mar 31, 2014

Project on Evidence-based Life Innovation Policy


One of the goals of basic research, including life sciences, is to contribute to society and economy through improvement of quality of life. Aiming at life-innovation, a lot of public funding has been invested in basic research of life sciences. Such a situation is seen not only in Japan but in many countries. In this trend of the increase of public funding on life sciences, it is required to explain to what extent a basic research contributes to society by quantitative data.


This project focuses on biomedical and food industry in which knowledge of life sciences is used, and tries to analyse how a basic research of life sciences leads to social and economic impact, based on evidence. According to those analysis this project also tries to make a policy proposal on allocation of research funds, academia-industry collaboration, evaluation of research, and so on.