2. Research Projects

Research Projects

Apr 1, 2017 - Mar 31, 2018

Behavioural Economics and Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam


This project aims to study the adaptation of rural households to the effects of climate change in southern Viet Nam. In particular it will build on recent work done by the project leader on fatalism and household-decision making and apply a behavioural economics approach.



Viet Nam is one of the countries most at risk from the consequences of climate change. For example, many rice-growing parts of the country are extremely low-lying. As sea levels rise, rice paddies face problems of salt infiltration and there have been frequent episodes of flooding and inundation in the last 10 years (Rutten  et al, 2014). Some farmers and other rural residents face the need to change their livelihoods in a quite dramatic way.


We will conduct a household survey to measure vulnerabilities and use techniques developed by experimental economists to measure attitudes to risk, cooperation and the locus of control. In this way we aim to understand the factors that determine which households adapt.


The scale of the experiment will be small: the idea is to use it as an initial exercise. If the project is a success, then we would submit a larger bid for funding to an external research body and return to the same areas of Viet Nam to conduct follow-up work on a larger scale.