GRIPS 政策研究センター Policy Research Center


Apr 11, 2014 Report No:14-05

Research on Effective Evacuation against the Tsunami Disaster

Field Multi Disciplinary policy studies
Language Japanese

The most important measures against tsunami disaster is to improve the disaster prevention projects such as  an execution of  SEA WALL, and to execute the certain  evacuation of inhabitants. Improvement of disaster prevention projects and announcement of the Tsunami-warning are studied by National Government as a reform measures. But certain evacuation measures for inhabitants or improvement of safety elevated ground and Tsunami refuge buildings are entrusted for Local Government. Actually Local Government is puzzled over these problems, because they have no measures such as guidelines or effective methods on certain evacuation. Then we accumulated and analyzed the data on the actual evacuation from Tsunami disaster in the disaster stricken area of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, and studied the problems on a practical evacuation from diversified view-point. Finally we proposed new practical measures for evacuation problems as follows.

ⅰ) Disaster Information for executing certain evacuation from Tsunami disaster
ⅱ)  Establishment and arrangement of elevated ground and Tsunami refuge building as safety refuges
ⅲ)  Moving methods on the practical evacuation from Tsunami disaster

  This paper will be expected as a useful material on the solution to the problems of actual projects executed by National or Local Governments, on building up new town in the disaster stricken area of the Tohoku Earthquake, or on the measures for Tsunami disaster caused by future Nankai-trough Earthquake.

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