GRIPS 政策研究センター Policy Research Center


Mar 28, 2012 Report No:11-28

The Study on Ideal Cultural Properties Protection Administration in the Local Government With a Central Focus on “Basic Plan of History and Culture”

  • Yuko TaiGRIPS
Field Multi Disciplinary policy studies
Language Japanese

In 2007 Council for Cultural Affairs proposed that it was important that each local government settles on ” basic plan of history and culture” that was a master plan to protect many local cultural properties with their surrounding environment, so from 2008 to 2010 20 local governments settled on ” basic plan of history and culture ” in the model project of the Agency for Cultural Affaires. This study aims to advocate the directions and measures the government and the local government should take to protect the cultural properties by analysis of the model project. We analyzed effects and problems of the model project and the necessary supports by government based on the interview to the local governments. We concluded that it was important that the local governments grasp many local cultural properties, make the master plan and cooperate with other measures to protect them and the government should take several support for that.

Keywords protecting cultural properties, surrounding environment, basic plan of history and culture (translated by author)
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