GRIPS 政策研究センター Policy Research Center


Public Economics Seminar


The Public Economics seminar will meet on average once a week during the spring and fall terms, and also meet occasionally during the summer and winter terms. In total, approximately 35 seminars per fiscal year will be held. The seminar contributes to expanding GRIPS’ international and domestic network and to raise the profile of GRIPS. In fact, GRIPS is only one of a handful of universities in Japan with an English-language seminar series in economics, and in the past GRIPS has hosted many international speakers who are well-known worldwide for their research. Because of this seminar series, famous researchers who are visiting Japan may visit GRIPS as well. Active participation and exchange by faculty, Ph.D. students, and masters students will be continued with this seminar series. A website ( is maintained with details about each seminar held. Announcements about seminars are sent to all faculty and students.