Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for AsiaAn Executive Training Program for Macroeconomic Policy Makers in Asia

Participants' Comments


Xuan Anh Le


Enterprises and Subsidiaries Management Division, Accounting and Finance Department, State Bank of Vietnam

Imagine you have been paying attention on your professional works purely, then you have one week in Tokyo, together with colleagues around Asia countries , Japanese senior policy makers and many well-known economists from international organizations such as IMF, WB, ADB to discuss about the movement of the world economy, current issues and debates in Asia and to share your knowledge and experiences on these issues and figure out some good solutions for the economy of your country. In addition, during the time, you also will have a chance to update your academic background and widen your professional network. These are what I had actually experienced and got from the JIMS at GRIPS. To me, JIMS 2018 at GRIPS, Tokyo is one of the best seminars I’ have ever attended.

Dilorom Jumakhonzoda

Main specialist

Analytical Centre of the Main Department of macroeconomic analysis,forecasting and Economic Reform, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

I never regret that I took part in the Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS).
Attending at JIMS, you will find the huge opportunity to get new importent informations and refresh your academic background from professors and high level officers of International Organizations. During the course, you can share your experiences and get new experiences, as well learn about economic problems and their preventions, solutions with policy makers in other countries. I hope You’ve never missed that usefull oppottunity for you.
Good luck for new participants of JIMS – 2019!

Nwe Nwe Win

Director General

Budget Department, Ministry of Planning and Finance

JIMS is one of the effective and efficient seminars for me. It was really executive course within a week with full of policy messages for sustainable development based on current world economy. The beauty of this seminar is giving opportunity to meet all executive levels from MoPF and CBM in one place for exchange of views and thoughts.

Mohd Shazwan Bin Shuhaimen

Senior Economist

External Sector Analysis, Economics Department, Bank Negara Malaysia

A unique feature of the JIMS training programme is having the right balance between seminars, assignments, field trips and social events. The opportunity to engage with eminent speakers from academia and international organisations, and to interact with peer participants has been invaluable towards broadening the understanding of the ever complex and dynamic global economic environment.

Shynar Shaikh

Chief of Division

Financial Stability Department, National Bank of Kazakhstan

Jim’s seminar covered a broad range of subjects related to the macroeconomics, monetary and financial stability policies of the central bank in Asian Pacific countries. The discussion in form of debates is worth mentioning separately. It surely allows you to explore topics from different angles and listen to the opinion of practitioners and academics. Great learning opportunity for everyone who is willing to broaden one’s knowledge in the most actual topics of the government and central bank policies.

Poasa Nalomia Alfred Werekoro

Acting Chief Manager

Financial System Development Group, Reserve Bank of Fiji

“The JIMS program is both interesting and informative and pitched at the senior to executive leadership level. I enjoyed learning about and discussing topical issues in the macro policy space, sharing and receiving feedback from colleagues about challenges in our respective countries and learning about emerging risks in the region and around the global. The speakers were well respected experts from a range of key macro institutions and had many insights to share. I highly recommend the program for macro policy officials.”


Ms. Napaschon Thongsomjit

Financial Sector Policy Expert

Macroeconomic Strategyand Planning Office, Office of the National Economic andSocial Development Board (NESDB)

“At JIMS, you will have the opportunity to refresh your academic background from professors and high level officers of International Organizations. During the course, you can share your experiences and learn about economic problems and solutions with policy makers in other countries.”

Ms. Bayanzul Davaa

Director of division

Director of division, Monetary policy department, Bank of Mongolia

“Attending the JIMS is a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and share experiences from other regoinal countries. The topics covered during the seminar were very interesting and useful, specially discussion on current risks and challenges that world economy is facing. I highly recommend to who work in policy making area to attend this seminar.”

Ms. Gunjeet Kaur


Fund Bank Division International Department Reserve Bank of India Central Office India

“JIMS offers opportunities to learn from experts from various international institutions, including the IMF on global economic scene and regional perspectives. The program provides a great opportunity to network with fellow participants from various work streams of central banks and the ministries. The debates on the Japanese economy covered in the seminar are also very effective. Overall JIMS is a very well calibrated and a structured program with technical aspects and policy debates presented proportionately.”

Ms. Narin KRUY

Deputy Director

Macro Division, Macro-Fiscal Policy Department General Department of Economic and Public Finance Policy Ministry of Economy and Finance Cambodia

“Attending the JIMS is an exceptional opportunity to learn the evolution of global and regional economy amidst risks and uncertainty and various Japanese experiences from experts together with country cases from peer participants.”

Mr. Sthabandith Insisienmay

Director General

Center for Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Restructuring, National Institute for Economic Research Laos

“JIMS is one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. It’s a kind of a short, but informative and effective seminar. With a less technical and more on policy debates, I think this fits very well with policy makers who want to brush up their views on current situation of the world economy.”


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