Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for AsiaAn Executive Training Program for Macroeconomic Policy Makers in Asia

Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS) 2018

Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS) 2018

Date Time / Session
2018.2.25 (Sun)
Arrival in Japan  

Morning Session


Afternoon Session

2018.2.26 (Mon)

Session 1: The World Economic Outlook

Chairperson: Prof.Yuqing Xing, GRIPS

Speaker: Dr. Kenichiro Kashiwase, Deputy Head, the IMF/OAP

Discussant: Dr. Chi hung Kwan, Senior Fellow, the Nomura Institute of Capital Market Research


Session 2: Monetary Policies of Advanced Economies and Impact on Emerging Asia

Chairperson: Prof.Stacy Chen, GRIPS

Speaker: Toshitaka Sekine, Director-General, Research and Statistics Department, Bank of Japan

Discussant: Tomohiro Kinoshita Visiting Professor Ochanomizu Women University


Welcome Reception

2018.2.27 (Tue)

Session 3: The Integration of Asian Financial Market

Chairperson: Prof.Ponpoje Porapakkarm,GRIPS

Speaker: Prof. Masahiro Kawai, University of Tokyo

Discussant: Mr. Satoshi Shimizu, Senior Economist, The Japan Research Institute


Session 4: Roundtable Discussion

Facilitator: Prof. Masahiro Kawai, University of Tokyo

2018.2.28 (Wed)

Session 5: Trends in Fiscal Policy and Debt Sustainability

Chairperson: Prof.Yukihiro Kidokoro

Speaker: Prof. Takero Doi, Keio University

Discussant: Prof. Toshihiro Ihori, GRIPS


Field Trip

Faculty Leader: Faculty GRIPS

  1. Visiting Japanese Stock Exchange
  2. Visiting the Bank of Japan (BOJ)
2018.3.1 (Thu)

Session 6: Exchange Rate Management and Foreign Exchange Policy

Chairperson: Prof.Roberto Leon-Gonzalez, GRIPS

Speaker: Prof.Junko Shimizu, Gakushuin University

Discussant: Mr.Kentaro Ogata, Director of the Foreign Exchange Markets Division, International Bureau, Ministry of Finance


Session 7: Trade and Industrial Policy under Global Value Chains

Chairperson: Prof.Patarapong Intarakumnerd, GRIPS

Speaker: Prof. Yuqing Xing, GRIPS

2018.3.2 (Fri)

Session 8: Promoting SME for Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth

Chairperson: Prof.Yoko Kijima, GRIPS

Speaker: Dr. Naoyuki Yoshino, the Dean of Asian Development Bank Institute

Discussant: Prof. Kenji Umetani, Hosei University


Session 9: Roundtable Discussion

Managing Macroeconomic Policy: the Experiences of Emerging Asian Countries

Facilitator: Prof. Yuqing Xing, GRIPS

Completion Ceremony


Farewell Reception

2018.3.3 (Sat)
Return to home country  


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