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  • 2019.3.19 [Tue] NEW

    Executive Seminar 2019


    From 22 to 24 February 2019, G-cubers joined the 4th Executive Seminar at Nagoya with students from Kyushu University and Nagoya university. Apart from faculty and staff members, including a JICA officer, Dr. Christopher John Baker and Prof. Pasuk Phongpaichit also attended this seminar as guest professors as usual.


    In the first day, the participants had a chance to visit the Toyota factory and listen to a stimulating academic lecture from Mr. Sumio Otsuji. He discussed how the Toyota company overcame the seven main challenges it faced since the establishment and responded to numerous questions posed by the participants.


    In the last two days, the participants did role play as the members of the House of Representatives of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The main theme of this year’s seminar is “Hunger, health, education, and security: What matters the most?”. The participants were tasked to identify what particular social issue that needs to receive the grant, whether it should be addressing hunger, improving the health sector, concentrating on education sector or dealing with the domestic security. Likewise, the participants had to come up with a feasible project proposal vis-à-vis the given budget in the scenario.


    Group work




     TOYOTA Plant Tour