グローバル秩序変容時代のリーダー養成プログラム― GRIPS Global Governance Program (G-cube) ―


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学長 白石隆

Message from the President

Takashi Shiraishi

The world is faced with new and serious problems, such as financial crises, terrorism, energy challenges, and environmental issues. Behind them lie conflicting interests, large value gaps, dysfunctional global governance systems, escalating globalization, the rise of emerging states, and drastic changes in the distribution of wealth and power in the world. A new type of leaders is needed to address these problems and forge a path to a new age. These leaders require qualities, competencies, and skills that conventional institutions of higher education, which focus on nurturing highly specialized professionals, are not equipped to instill.

プログラムコーディネーター 園部哲史

Tetsushi Sonobe

Program Leader,
Program Coordinator,
Vice President, Professor