グローバル秩序変容時代のリーダー養成プログラム― GRIPS Global Governance Program (G-cube) ―


Message from the Students

Tomomi Tanaka

Tomomi Tanaka (Japan)

You may think you need to narrow down your subject of research before entering a doctoral course, but that is not the case in this program. After entering the course, all students must study economics, politics and history, regardless of your specialized field of study. You will undergo substantial training to improve your expertise at a later stage. We develop a theoretical background and undergo training to express our opinions every day to become leaders who can understand the arguments of both researchers and working-level people. I am confident that this is a valuable and unique program.

Fabien Majoro

Fabien Majoro (Rwanda)

This program not only reinforces my knowledge but also constitutes the best opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity and wisdom of the faculty and fellow G-cube students. I consider this unequalled experience to be a cornerstone to my intellectual and cultural development and a key ingredient to my future career success as I endeavor to become a better leader.

Ploysri Amonvatana

Ploysri Amonvatana (Thailand)

G-cube allows me to enhance my leadership and analytical skills through intense discussions with excellent professors and students from different cultural and professional backgrounds. G-cube offers courses such as Leading a Nation in the Changing World and Essential Macroeconomics which are essential for my current research on the financial situation in Thailand.