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GRIPS Development Forum Project (Policy Studies Unit)

The GRIPS Development Forum conducts pragmatic and policy-oriented research in such areas as industrial development, international development and development cooperation, building on the development experiences of Japan and Asia, and widely disseminates the results.

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(September 2017)
The History of Japanese Economic Development: Origins of Private Dynamism and Policy Competence (Routledge) by Kenichi Ohno
(May 2015)
"Learning to Industrialize" in Chinese edition
(author: Kenichi Ohno)
ISBN 978-7-5086-4973-3
(September 2014)
Learning to Industrialize:
From given growth to policy-aided value creation (Routledge)
ISBN-13: 978-0415705820
ISBN-10: 041570827
(December 2014)
An Approaching Middle Income Trap: How Vietnam can Escape It
by Vietnam Development Forum, National Economic University
Supervised by Kenichi Ohno
(April 2013)
Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth:
Diversity and Complementarity in Development aid (Routledge)
Edited by Kenichi Ohno and
Izumi Ohno (Routlede-GRIPS Development Forum Studies)

(October 2012)
Learning to Industrialize:
From given growth to policy-aided value creation (Routlede)
by Kenichi Ohno

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Sri Lanka Mission Report

(Oct. 2017) GRIPS Development Forum and Policy Study & Research Center (Ethiopia) conducted joint research on Sri Lankan industries as an input to Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue. Sri Lanka is a middle income nation with income per head of $4,000. Apparel is the leading export sector where a few local producers dominate. They can satisfy strict labor and environmental standards demanded by Western consumers, and export high-end garments such as ladies' underwear to US and EU markets. Many Sri Lankan apparel makers are moving to Ethiopia to cope with labor shortage at home and benefit from the trade privileges Africa enjoys with the US and EU.

Sri Lanka Mission Report
A new textbook on Japanese development

(Oct. 2017) The History of Japanese Economic Development: Origins of Private Dynamism and Policy Competence, K. Ohno's new textbook, has been published from Routledge. This is a thoroughly revised edition of the 2006 textbook written for a GRIPS course. The old version was so popular it was translated into six languages besides English. The book discusses the Japanese economy from the Edo period to Abenomics with special attention on public-private interaction, absorption of foreign elements and socio-political conditions. It introduces academic research and debates yet the writing is plain and simple. The book is suitable for both serious researchers and new comers to Japanese history.

Author Q&A

Reports of Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia (Phase 2)

(May 2017) We have published the results of the Ethiopia-Japan Industrial policy dialogue (phase 2), jointly conducted by JICA and GRIPS Development Forum for the period of Jan. 2012 to Jul. 2016. These include: (i) policy recommendations for the Ethiopia government (main report), and (ii) case studies of industrial policy measures in Asia & Africa. Please click here to read the reports.

Kenichi Ohno wins the medal of Friendship by Vietnamese government

(April 2017) K. Ohno of GRIPS Development Forum was notified of the decision to confer the Medal of Friendship by Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, which is the highest honor for foreigners given by the Vietnamese government. Ohno has researched and advised on Vietnamese industries and trained Vietnamese researchers for 22 years. Previously in 2011, he also received the Medal of Education from the Vietnamese Minister of Education & Training.

                          @ The National Economics University (NEU) in Hanoi, 2017/06


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Reports of Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia Phase2 by JICA and GRIPS Development Forum


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for Japanese Businesses
This booklet contains policy, economy, and business climate in Ethiopia to improve the quality of Ethiopia's information for the Japanese business community. It was compiled and published by the GRIPS Development Forum which is solely responsible for the content.
English (last updated: Dec. 2015)

Records of Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue Vol. 2 --Policy Research in Third Countries--

This records were compiled and published by GRIPS Development Forum for stakeholders and interested people.
Volume 1 contains policy dialogue minutes (Japanese) and Volume 2 contains third-country policy research as reference materials for Ethiopian policy makers (English and Japanese).

Volume 1 (2.6MB)
Volume 2 (4.8MB) ※ Vol.2 contains some Japanese chapters.

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa's Notes 
Featuring reports and presentation materials of Prof. Ishikawa who contributes to issues in Development Economics.

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa passed away on 4 January 2014. We pray from the bottom of our hearts that his soul may rest in peace.

Economist, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Hitotsubashi University and Aoyama-Gakuin University, Member of the Japan Academy


Champion Product Approach in Ethiopia
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