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GDF is a research unit of National Graduate
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GRIPS Development Forum Project (Policy Studies Unit)

The GRIPS Development Forum conducts strategic and policy-oriented research and disseminates results in such areas as comprehensive development strategies, poverty reduction, aid policy and development partnerships, and Japanfs development assistance.


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      Development in Ethiopia

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Past Activities


(April 2013j
Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth:
Diversity and Complementarity in Development aid (Routledge)
Edited by Kenichi Ohno and
Izumi Ohno (Routlede-GRIPS Development Forum Studies)

(October 2012)
Learning to Industrialize:
From given growth to policy-aided value creation (Routlede)

by Kenichi Ohno

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Vietnam Development Forum

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GRIPS Development Forum Special Seminar    Over
"African Manufacturing:
           Current Status, Future Prospects and Policy Direction"

(Mar. 2014) GRIPS Development Forum (GDF), supported by JICA, had a special seminar on "African Manufacturing: Current Status, Future Prospects and Policy Direction" on Friday, 7 March at GRIPS. GDF invited  leading experts from the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) and the World Bank, to discuss the present and future of African Manufacturing and the roles that policy and international cooperation must play.

For the details >>> here

Special Lecture by Mr. Erik Solheim (OECD/DAC Chair) @GRIPS

(Dec. 2013) A special lecture by Mr. Erik Solheim  was held at GRIPS in Roppongi on 18 Dec. 2013. Mr. Solheim presented his insights and perspectives on DAC's new role in the changing architecture of global development.

About the event >>> here

An article appeared in "World Financial Review"

(Aug. 2013) An article of "Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development aid" was appeared in "World Financial Review". This article introduces the ideas of the book with the same name which was published from Routledge in this April.

Read the article >>> here
   (PDF version)
About the book >>> here

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 Pick UP!   Reports and Column


Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa's Notes  (Economist, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Hitotsubashi University and Aoyama-Gakuin University, Member of the Japan Academy)

featuring reports and presentation materials of
Prof. Ishikawa who contributes to issues in Development Economics.

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa passed away on 4 January 2014. We pray from the bottom of our hearts that his soul may rest in peace.

          (*Japanese only)

Mr. Aiichiro Yamamoto's View       

(Principal Representative to the European Union, JICA) Mr.Yamamoto provides his reports to our GDF Japanese website.

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