Brief Report on the VJSE-2004 (at Osaka University)
November 13-14, 2004

Nguyen Duc Thanh (VDF-Tokyo/PhD Student at GRIPS)

VJSE-2004 (13-14 Nov 2004)

The 1st Vietnamese-Japanese Students' Scientific Exchange Meeting (VJSE2004) in Osaka on Nov 13-14 was a very good opportunity to network for Vietnamese students in general, and for economics students in particular.  It was the first time that many Vietnamese students came to meet up and discuss issues in person. Most of these students previously knew each other via internet forums only.

People attending were well briefed about VDF, which acted as one of the sponsors of the Meeting. The dinner party, financed by VDF on the first day (Nov 13), was highly appreciated by the participants. Many students (not only of economics, but other development-related fields, such as urban development and planning) wanted to join the VDF circle.

Dinner party at Yamano-ie

  The Economics and Development Session (Nov 13) supported by VDF was successful and impressive.
VDF-Tokyo is even planning to organize a similar session together with VYSA (this may be an independent conference on economics / policy / development) in Kanto in the near future. I think it is a good chance for cooperation, and in terms of economics / policy for Vietnam's development, we can form something under the name of VYSA&VDF-Tokyo to have an influence on the young Vietnamese  community all over Japan.

(Economics and Development Session)


Ms. Duong Kim Hong (VDF-Hanoi)
Presentation on "Street Children in Vietnam"


Mr. Pham Truong Hoang (Yokohama National Univ.)
Presentation on "Competition and Dynamics of Business Architecture: the Case of the Vietnamese Motorcycle Industry"

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