2. Research Projects

Research Projects

Apr 1, 2019 - Mar 31, 2020

Population Aging and Long-term Care Provision: a Cross-Country Study


This a continued project in the second year with some new focuses. We aim to study issues related to a development of long-term care and old-age support because it is important for elderly people’s life quality in an aging society with an increasing old population share. However, long-term care is expensive, and a general public provision will bring a huge financial burden. How to design a provision scheme to balance quality and cost is an important policy issue for aging societies, even for many developing countries, which have been experienced significant improvements in life expectancy and sharp declines in fertility. We also would like to understand the current situation of the support to old people, especially in developing countries, in which public provisions are generally not established.  We have collected data from various countries and developed a theoretical model for a structural analysis. Policy experiments will be conducted and a cross-country comparison will be provided for rich policy implications.