CHEN, Stacey

Position Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D. of Economics, University of Rochester
Specialty Labor, education and health economics, applied econometrics
Current Research Interests 1. Economics of Education 2. Health Economics

Selected Publications

Chen, Stacey, Yen-Chien Chen, and Jin-Tan Liu, The Impact of Family Composition on Educational Achievement, Journal of Human Resources 54(1): 122-170, (2019).


French, E., J. McCauley, M. Aragon, P. Bakx, Martin Chalkley, S. Chen, B. J. Christensen, H. Chuang, A. Cote-Sergent, M. De Nardi, D. Echevin, E. Fan, P. Geoffard, C. Gastaldi-Ménager, M. Gørtz, Y. Ibuka, N. Izumida, J. B. Jones, M. Kallestrup-Lamb, M. Karlsson, T. Klein, G. de Lagasnerie, P. Michaud, O. O’Donnell, Y. Ohtsu, N. Rice, J. Skinner, E. van Doorslaer N. R. Ziebarth, and E. Kelly, End-of-Life Medical Spending In Last Twelve Months Of Life Is Lower Than PreviouslyHealth Affairs 36(7): 1211-1217, (2017)


Chen, Stacey and Hongwei Chuang, Recent Trend in Taiwanese Medical Spending, Fiscal Studies 37: 653–688, (2016)


Chen, Stacey and Je-Uei Kuo, Plausible Causes and Solutions to Wage Stagnation of Taiwan. The 2014 Economic Yearbook of the Republic of China, edited by Economic Daily News: 32-39, (2014) 


Angrist, Joshua and Stacey Chen, Schooling and Vietnam-Era GI Bill: Evidence from the Draft Lottery, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 3(2): 96–118, (2011)


Angrist, Joshua, Stacey Chen, and Brigham Frandsen, Did Vietnam Veterans Get Sicker in the 1990s? The Complicated Effects of Military Service on Self-Reported Health, Journal of Public Economics 94(11-12): 824–837, (2010)


Chen, Stacey, Yen-Chien Chen and Jin-Tan Liu, The Impact of Unexpected Maternal Death on Education – First Evidence from Three National Administrative Data Links, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings 99(2): 149-153, (2009)


Chen, Stacey, Estimating the Variance of Wages in the Presence of Selection and Unobservable HeterogeneityReview of Economics and Statistics 90(2): 275–289, (2008). See corrected Table 4 in 91(1): 227, (2008). Previously entitled "Is Investing in College Education Risky?" 


Research Grants/Awards

2019 The Best Paper Award on Taiwan Economic Research, Taiwan Economic Association

2019 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (3 years, PI), JSPS

2019 ORA, International Joint Research Program (3 years, Collaborator), JSPS

2018 Publication Award, GRIPS

2017 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (4 years, co-PI), JSPS

2016 Research Award (1 year, Co-PI) and Publication Award, GRIPS

2015 Health Cloud Project (4 years, Founding Member), Academia Sinica, Taiwan

2015 Research Grant (2 years, PI), Taiwan’s Ministry of Science & Technology

2014 Career Development Award (5 years, PI), Academia Sinica, Taiwan

2012 Research Award for Junior Investigators (3 years, PI), Taiwan’s NSC

2011 Research Visit Grant (2 months, PI), British Academy & Academia Sinica

2009 Small Research Grant (1 year, PI), British Academy

2007 Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program (6 months, PI), the University of New York at Albany

2006 National Science Foundation Grant (3 years, Co-PI), United States


Other Activities

Mentor, Workshop for Young Economists, 2017, Hitotsubashi University, JSPS

Co-Organizer, GRIPS-UTokyo Workshop, since 2016

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