Message from the Directer

Senior Professor Masahiro Horie

The Executive Development Center for Global Leadership (CGL) was established at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in 2013 in response to increasing demand and requests from foreign governments and international organizations for short-term training of government officials and others.

GRIPS is a unique national university in Japan which focuses on graduate level education and high level research in public affairs and policy matters. Most of GRIPS students are mid-career officials from Japanese and foreign governments and other public organizations. The GRIPS faculty is composed of eminent leading scholars with various experiences of policy advising for government and former government officials (including vice ministers and bureau directors) with wide-ranging experiences in various positions in various organizations in various policy areas.

By utilizing these resources of GRIPS and its network with government and non-governmental organizations, CGL provides various short-term training programs. GRIPS and CGL have annually carried out many customized (or tailor-made) training programs, some for nearly ten years already. Trainees or participants of these training programs include vice ministers, bureau directors, mid-level managers, young promising officials of the central government, governors, vice governors, mayors and executives as well as assembly members of local governments, and policy professionals of both central and local governments. Executives of private organizations also participated in some programs.

The 21st century is the century of change. To adjust the change or to lead the change is of vital importance for any country and government. Change is necessary at any level of government and at any level in organizations. Well designed and well managed training programs are essential to successfully develop and improve human resources and capabilities to adjust and lead changes.

As the Director of CGL, I am very pleased to welcome government officials and others who participate with passion in training programs at CGL and would work hard for their countries and people and for the global community.