About CGL

In keeping with one of its core missions of educating and developing public policy leaders and professionals in public sectors around the world, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) has offered a wide range of training programs in addition to regular academic programs (master(s and doctoral degrees) since 2005 at the request of foreign government agencies.

The need for training public-sector professionals is expected to increase further globally, particularly in Asia and Africa. To meet this growing demand, drawing on its expertise experiences in the field, GRIPS established the Executive Development Center for Global Leadership (CGL) in April 2013 as a hub for promoting a great leap forward in training offerings.

Currently focusing on the development of customized programs designed to respond to the specific training needs of specific foreign government agencies, the center also aims to strategically expand its activities in alignment with GRIPS’ missions. Furthermore, research and the development of more general and multi-purpose training courses and professional seminars for public administrators exclusively offered by GRIPS around the world will be pursued. With the opening of the CGL, GRIPS further demonstrates its commitment to building a global training network through robust, targeted interactions with foreign public-sector training organizations.


Other activities

  • Research project on leadership and management development in Asian countries
  • Consulting services regarding human resource development
  • Research and studies to enrich the content of training programs
  • Lectures using the GRIPS-Distance Learning System