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GDF is a research unit of National Graduate
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About GDF
@  -Center@for Study of International
      Development Strategies (CSID) in GRIPS@@
    -Project Leader
    -Activities and Dissemination

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On-going Research

Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia
    -Policy Dialogue ƒPhase1„ƒPhase2„
    -Report (Phase1)

International Development Strategies,
  Aid Partnerships
    -GDF Publications
      EPolicy Minutes@E Discussion Paper
@@ EReports
    -Diversity and Complementarity in  
      Development Aid\East Asian Lessons
      for African Growth
    -Japan-UK Links

African Growth Initiative
    -GDF Activities
    -Research Mission Report
    -Past Activities

Vietnam Development Forum
    -VDF Home Page
    -VDF Tokyo Home Page

ŸCompleted Activities

Japanese ODA and Reform
     -Discussion Paper & Report
     -ODA Manifesto by the Group for
       Renovating Japanese ODA

Aid and Development management in East Asia
     -Schedule and Output
     -Utilization and Dissemination Strategy
     -Final Report:
       Managing the Development Process and Aid:
       East Asian experiences in building central
       economic agencies (PDF 1.6MB)

GRIPS 21st Century Center of Excellence Program
     -Research Group

ŸRelated Activities, Colum

Past Activities
    -Information Module:
      EDiversifying PRSP 
      \the Vietnamese Model for Growth\  
      Oriented Poverty Reduction
      EVietnam's Industrialization Strategy
in the Age of Globalization
    -Public Financial management Seminars

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa's Notes
    -Presentation Materials, Reports
      by Professor Shigeru Ishikawa,
      Professor Emeritus of
@@ Hitotsubashi University

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